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SUNDAT is an automotive manufacturer.


SUNDAT's Pickup truck (alternately branded as the "Pick-Up") is widely utilised by small businesses and import/export companies to serve as delivery vans.

Though they lack in the same creature comforts featured on newer vehicles of a comparable design, SUNDAT's vehicles are still a common sight on remote island nations and former territories of the Soviet Union.

Armed groups are also known to repurpose SUNDAT's Pickups into improvised fast-attack vehicles; a tactic commonly employed by insurgents and paramilitary organisations alike.



  • The company is a parody of the real-world "Datsun" brand owned by the Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. of Japan.
  • SUNDAT made its first appearance in the Armaverse with the release of ArmA: Armed Assault. It subsequently returned in ArmA 2, once again as the manufacturer of the Pickup/Pick-Up truck.

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