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« The Saiga-12K is a 12 gauge semi-automatic, gas-operated combat shotgun, made in Russia.

The Saiga-12K design is based on the AK and shares that weapon's famous reliability. The Saiga-12K shotgun uses 12 gauge shotgun shells. The weapon itself is not too accurate but when used over short distances is quite devastating.
Armoury Description

Saiga 12K 12G
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png Russian Armed Forces
Type Shotgun
Calibre 12 Gauge
Dispersion 0.003 rad
Variants None
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The Saiga 12K 12 Gauge shotgun.

The Saiga 12K is a 12G shotgun used exclusively by the Russian Armed Forces in ArmA 2.


The Saiga 12K is a gas operated, semi-automatic combat shotgun chambered to fire 12 Gauge shotgun shells.

It can load either 8-round slug or pellet magazines and can attain a fire rate of up to 600 rounds per minute, and a muzzle velocity of 396 m/s. The Saiga 12K lacks the ability to mount any accessories or muzzle attachments.

Analogous to the M1014, the Saiga 12K is a high-powered combat shotgun with an effective range of between 60 and up to 200 metres. Both weapons are very similar to each other with their recoil, ammunition capacity, and dispersion being almost identical; the only difference being that the M1014 has a slightly higher maximum range.

However, between the two shotguns the Saiga 12K is generally the superior option as unlike the M1014, it is capable of attaining a higher fire rate. This makes the Saiga 12K much deadlier in close quarters, as the user can quickly fire off two if not three volleys before the M1014's user would be able to fire their second shell.


Round name Base damage value Aerodynamic friction Initial velocity (m/s)
Pellet 6 -0.005 396
Slug 9 -0.005 396

The Saiga 12K can load two types of magazines. Both require one inventory slot to carry:

8Rnd. Saiga 12K Pellets

Scatters pellets in a small arc when fired.

8Rnd. Saiga 12K Slug

Single-target, high damage shot shell.


  • The Saiga 12K was only initially capable of loading slug shell magazines. Regular pellet magazines were not included until the Private Military Company DLC, which finally added proper ballistics for pellet shotshells.
  • Strangely enough, both the in-game icon and pre-release media depict the Saiga 12K with a front ironsight and different muzzle design. Both features are missing from the in-game model, however.
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • Like the M1014, it is possible that the Saiga was intended to have been featured at some point in ArmA 3.
    • Config references and unused sounds for what could have been the Saiga remained within the game files prior to their removal with Game Update 1.60. The patch subsequently removed the majority of leftover assets from the pre-Alpha.


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