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Salvo is a main character in ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign.


A member of NATO's Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG), Salvo is attached to the black ops unit's Group 15 - Team 1; better known by its callsign of Raider 1.

Salvo served as Raider 1's automatic rifleman, and also went by the radio callsign of Raider 1-4.

Apex Protocol (2035)

Operating under the cover provided by the ongoing joint-NATO/Gendarmerie "Safe Horizon" exercises, Group 15 are able to quietly infiltrate into the South Pacific nation of the Horizon Islands.

Supported by a second team callsigned Raider 2, both Raider teams were officially dispatched to hunt down the warlord - given the codename of "Warlock", of a local insurgent group who called themselves the Syndikat.

Unofficially however, they were actually sent to locate the whereabouts of a package called "Keystone", who was vital to the success of their operation.

Deep within the enemy strongholds in southern Tanoa, Salvo and fellow Raider 1 member Truck scouted ahead first for signs of Keystone.

The other two members of Raider 1 - Riker and Grimm, later circled back to link up with Salvo and Truck, while the rest of Raider 2 continued deeper to raid nearby Syndikat outposts for intel.

But in spite of destroying several of their hideouts, neither team had any success in obtaining information on Keystone or Warlock's position. Salvo and Truck did however, note that many of the caches they discovered were predominately of Chinese in origin.

« Truck: See the markings on those crates? Looked Chinese to me.
Salvo: Hardly surprising. Black market's saturated with their shit.
Salvo and Truck discuss the origin of Syndikat's weapon caches

A local source who was identified under the codename of Blue Cap, then alerted CTRG to a large Syndikat raid targeting a nearby village. The next morning, both Raider teams moved to ambush the convoy, with Salvo and Truck waiting for Raider 2 to arrive at the ruins overlooking the ambush point.

After Raider 2 arrives and are briefed on the situation, both he, Truck and Riker then proceeded to set up near a bridge while waiting for Raider 2 to commence the attack. With Salvo and Truck's help, the convoy is successfully boxed in and quickly annihilated by both teams.

Hoping to lure the elusive Warlock out into the open, Salvo and the rest of the Raider teams then moved deeper into the central region of the main island to hunt down the insurgent group's weapons caches. With intel provided by Blue Cap, Salvo and the rest of the Raider teams are able to blow up all of the caches, inflicting a severe blow to the insurgents.

Blue Cap then provided new intel to CTRG - having confirmed the location of Warlock apparently hiding at a safehouse somewhere near a village called Namuvaka. At night, the Raider teams quietly made their way towards the village but didn't find Warlock; they instead stumbled onto the rigid corpse of what appeared to be Blue Cap himself.

As if on cue, Salvo and the rest were suddenly ambushed by what appeared to be Chinese-speaking special forces operatives and were forced to fight them off. After a brief exchange of gunfire, Salvo and the others narrowly come out of the ambush alive.

There was no time to investigate the identity of the attackers however, as new intel had been obtained on Keystone's whereabouts. Salvo and the Raider teams immediately headed out in the direction of Keystone, wiping out the insurgents guarding the building and stacking up for a breach.

They free Keystone from captivity and discover him to be none other than Captain Scott Miller, the leader of CTRG's Group 14 (who were supposedly annihilated after a failed operation on the Republic of Altis and Stratis). But before he could be debriefed, they first had to get the Captain out of the area which was now being swarmed by hordes of insurgents.

« Salvo: CSAT definitely aren't meant to be here.
Miller: They're not. Officially.
Salvo and Capt. Miller

Fighting their way through wave after wave of Syndikat, Salvo and the rest of the Raider teams finally succeed in evacuating Miller. The Captain then briefed Group 15 on what information he had discovered; the Chinese SOF they had been attacked by were called "Viper Team", and were deployed to the Horizon Islands as part of a wider-spanning plan by CSAT to destabilise the country which was dubbed the "Apex Protocol".

Salvo and the others - supported by Miller - then sailed by boat to Sosovu Island in the country's west. Viper had set up a command centre with a seismic weapon of mass destruction called "Eastwind" stashed there. They needed to quickly retrieve both it and details on Apex Protocol before Viper could flee from the country.

Raiders 1 and 2 split off to search the island for the command centre, but only found numerous corpses of both Viper operatives and Syndikat; both sides having apparently turned on each other. Salvo and the Raider teams eventually regrouped on Miller's position after the Captain discovered the command centre. They collected much intel on the Apex Protocol, but were unable to find Eastwind itself.

Critical information comes in soon after when CTRG's SIGINT intercepts a message between Warlock and Viper. A deal was being exchanged at the Blue Pearl Industrial Port on the main island's far north-east, and the two sides were going to arrange a handover of Eastwind. Salvo and the others immediately rearmed and made their way towards the port.

Backed by Raider 2 and with Miller sabotaging the power generators supplying the port's lights, Salvo and Raider 1 assassinated the rogue leader in the chaos, retrieving one of disarm keys in the process from Warlock's body. However, Warlock had already armed Eastwind long before his death, so it was critical that the device itself be found straight away.

After fighting their way through the remaining insurgents, Eastwind is found on the northern edge of the harbour. Miller immediately went to work on starting the disarming process, but it would take some time to complete; not to mention Viper coming back in full force to retake the device through any means necessary.

Salvo and the rest of the Raider teams prepared a defensive perimeter around the Captain as Viper threw themselves at the operatives. Group 15 was about to be overrun, but a helicopter - carrying the members of Miller's Group 14, suddenly arrive to save them at the last second.

The disarming process is finally completed and Eastwind powers down. Salvo - along with the rest of Group 15, are extracted to safety thereafter, with another helicopter slingloading Eastwind away to an undisclosed location.

Personality and Appearance

Salvo is a white male with a beardless face and short, light brown-coloured hair. Due to the tropical climate, he wears a white/dark green-coloured undershirt with Tropic Dazzle-camouflaged pants instead of the unit's complete set of combat fatigues.

For personal protection, he wears a ranger green-coloured plate carrier vest but eschews helmets, preferring to don a khaki bandanna with a tactical headset attached. Like the rest of Raider 1, he also wears a pair of tactical shades for eyewear.

« Salvo: Mary had a little lamb... She also had a duck... She put em on the mantlepiece to see if they would-
Riker: Cut the crap, Salvo.
Salvo: -to see if they would... Fall off.
Salvo humming his own "nursery rhyme" to lighten the tension prior to an ambush

The team's comedian, he generally directs most of his jokes at fellow Raider 1 member Truck (much to the latter's distaste). In spite of his constant mockery of the latter over his appearance, the two maintain a close relationship and often work as a pair for most mission objectives.

He is also shown to be quite derisive of NATO's VTOL transport, and makes a note of referring to it as a "deathtrap" due to its perceived unreliability issues.


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