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« I am Samjo. I fight for L'Ensemble. You don't know me. But I, I know you. I know you well.
"Samjo" introduces himself

"Samjo" is a main character in ArmA 3's Old Man mini-campaign.


Known only by his nickname of "Samjo", he was a rumoured accomplice of the notorious warlord Solomon Maru, former leader of the Syndikat criminal organisation.

Following its downfall and near-destruction at the hands of the government, Samjo and remnants of Syndikat's leadership remained in hiding, hoping to avoid drawing attention from government troops and their foreign advisers.

Three years would pass, and Samjo would eventually unite the remnants with various anti-government revolutionary groups. Now fighting under a common banner as the L'Ensemble, Samjo provides the movement with the muscle it needs to overthrow the government.

Old Man (2038)

With the nation divided by political instability and the sudden outbreak of a super-strain of malaria, Samjo's organisation would find itself at the helm of a violent revolution against the pro-CSAT government.

As the crisis worsened, CSAT's medical teams were accompanied by increasing numbers of armed soldiers. Seeing their "assistance" as nothing more than an armed occupation, Samjo began targeting pro-CSAT politicians and launching attacks upon the foreigners.

Captured politicians and their supporters were tortured and executed, while isolated CSAT patrols were ambushed and their depots raided. Car bombs were detonated outside of government facilities and police stations, helping to stoke the flames of rebellion and strike fear into the hearts of every officer.

All the while, the organisation was inundated with cash generated from the sales of cheap anti-malaria pills on the black market; both genuine and counterfeit copies.

Samjo soon received word that an old man was seeking to acquire a supply of anti-malaria pills. He looked into the man's background, and discovered that he was a former soldier who had served with the French Foreign Legion. A man of his skills was in short supply, though Samjo wasn't quite sure of where his loyalties stood.

To test him, Samjo ordered the man (who identified himself as "Santiago") to demolish a safehouse in Vagalala. One of the organisation's informants had also been captured by the police and was being held at a nearby safehouse. Santiago would have to rescue him before the latter broke and divulged information to the government. Despite the odds, he quickly accomplished both tasks with little difficulty.

Impressed with his feats, Samjo revealed his identity and offered Santiago the option to freely stay at L'Ensemble establishments and purchasing goods from black markets. He would also reward Santiago with the medicine that he desired, offering to provide a steady stream of pills so long as he acted in the best interests of the organisation.

« Heya, mon homme de main! L'Ensemble want you to know, anything you need - you got it, eh? I make sure we do the lowest price. You a rising star, Képi. And la victoire, it coming, very soon; we will remember such commitment to the cause! Au revoir.

Santiago would quickly prove his worth to the cause. The old fighter had supported numerous attacks on CSAT and government facilities, salvaged millions of dollars worth in military equipment, and helped perform smuggling runs between the islands.

Pleased with their fruitful relationship, Samjo gladly offered numerous services and benefits at black markets and L'Ensemble-controlled safehouses. In exchange, Samjo provided Santiago with the manpower, medicine and cheap weapons that he needed. Thanks to Samjo's generosity, the old man would eventually succeed at infiltrating into the main CSAT base at Tuvanaka. Whilst Samjo's men distracted the guards, Santiago managed to destroy one of the large biodomes.

« And, I know you can get us the cure for Jungle Fever. There is an abandoned van on Rue de la Corneille, in Georgetown. Make the drop there, and perhaps we let you live, eh?

However on the way out of the island, Samjo contacted Santiago and revealed that he knew that the old fighter was collaborating with NATO spies. Most importantly, he knew that the malaria outbreak was artificially induced, and that Santiago held the key to a vaccine in his hands. Such a vaccine would be worth an incalculable amount of money on the black market.

Samjo "suggested" that Santiago hand over the vaccine to L'Ensemble...or else he would face the consequences for refusing. To further incentivise the latter, he ordered his men to round up Santiago's doctor and his patients to use as leverage.

Post-Old Man (Unspecified)

Regardless of whether Santiago "agrees" to his deal or ends up betraying him, Samjo would nonetheless continue to rebel against the occupation.

How many would have to die in the process however, was a question best left unanswered...

Personality and Appearance

« That psycho, Samjo? He fed their main man to the crocos at Croconeel's. Bit by bit.
Samjo's ruthlessness is well-known amongst Tanoans

Sadistic and prone to violent outbursts, Samjo is in many ways a carbon copy of his former boss. Those who dared to defy (or attempted to defy) his orders often ended up in less than desirable situations; something which his underlings and associates alike understood well.

However, for all his brutality Samjo was far from an unreasonable man, and was willing to offer a second chance to select individuals whom he felt had "earned" the right.


  • Samjo never makes a physical appearance and is only ever heard through his phone conversations with Santiago.
  • It is possible to destroy the safehouse in Vagalala before the first meeting with Samjo. Doing so will alter his introductory dialogue, exhibiting surprise and asking how Santiago knew that they (L'Ensemble) needed the house destroyed.
  • Choosing to hand over the counteragent sample to Samjo (arguably) results in the worst ending to Old Man. Not only does it ensure that a vaccine for Atrox will never be developed, but it prolongs the CSAT occupation and ironically goes against what Samjo's cause is fighting for.

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