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« Did I know him? No. Not really, mec. He's not the kind of gros dur you get to know - you know? He never talk too much.
Former colleague describing "Santiago"

"Santiago" is the main protagonist of ArmA 3's Old Man mini-campaign.


A former soldier in the French Foreign Legion (FFL), Santiago helped distribute aid to Arganan refugees fleeing from war at the height of the Argana Crisis in 2000.

Eventually, Santiago was discharged from the FFL and returned to the Horizon Islands, hoping to live out the rest of his days in a small village on the outskirts of Ouméré, Tanoa Province.

Old Man (2038)


Santiago flees the country with the help of Keystone's men.

Although he wasn't happy in the slightest with Keystone's points, Santiago begrudingly accepted the facts and acquiesced to his "plan". Time was of the essence however, and with CSAT hot on their heels, they had to get out of the country as soon as possible.

Keystone urged the old soldier to follow him to the beach down below where his comrades were waiting. Santiago took the spare kit of diving equipment that Keystone's men had left for him and boarded the submersible alongside them. They subsequently docked with the submarine and it began sailing away shortly thereafter.

Disgusted by Keystone's "plan", Santiago threatens to shoot the Captain.

Appalled by Keystone's blatant disregard for the lives of his friends and neighbours, Santiago immediately raised his weapon and pointed it at the Captain. Keystone did the same and angrily ordered him to stand down. After a brief but tense standoff, the duo began to lower their weapons and slowly walked away from one another.
« Okay. Now leave it there - and fuck off, you're on your own... You still got something you want to say, old man?
Keystone's final words before his demise
Knowing he only had a split second to act, Santiago pretended to comply and waited for the opportunity to fire. Once the Captain turned his back and his comrades began to dive into the water, Santiago raised his weapon and fired a quick burst of rounds into his back, killing the Captain instantly. He did the same to the other operatives before they too could return fire. Santiago took the counteragent sample from the corpse of his former handler and left the area before the rest of his comrades could respond.

Drábek and the others are held hostage by Samjo's men.

Santiago made his way back to the camp but stopped short of entering. True to his word, Samjo's underlings had seized the camp and rounded up the doctor along with his patients. Once he identified all of their positions, Santiago systematically cut down the insurgents one by one. Santiago moved in closer when the coast was clear and heard the doctor banging onto the door.

Having heard the commotion, Drábek shouted through the door and said that they were locked in from the outside, and that one of the insurgents had the key on his body. Santiago rummaged through the pockets of the insurgent and retrieved a key, using it to unlock the doors.

Immensely grateful for Santiago's help, Drábek asked him if he had managed to obtain the counteragent. To Drábek's amazement, the old man did as he was asked and simply handed over the sample.
« You got the counteragent. Jesus! Let's hope it works, huh?

You need to go. Syndikat - L'Ensemble, every thug on the Horizon Islands will be gunning for you now.

But look, I think I may know a way. The guards, they were talking about CSAT using a 'petit submersible'... A small submarine, at the harbor in Tavu. It's on the map. It won't be easy, but you could use it to escape. Get all the way to La Roche, maybe?
Drábek advises Santiago to flee from the province
However, Drábek told him that everyone - from CSAT to L'Ensemble, would be after him so long as he was still alive. He had to leave the province as soon as possible and get to La Roche somehow. Luckily, whilst they were being held by the insurgents, Drábek overheard one of the insurgents talking about CSAT having a submersible docked at the harbour in Tavu.

If Santiago could somehow get to it, he would be able to flee from the country without having to risk getting stopped at the airport. Santiago then bid the doctor a final farewell before he departed from the camp and made his way towards Tavu.

As night falls, Santiago prepares to move in.

However, getting inside the harbour would be no small feat; every CSAT soldier in the province was on the lookout for him, and using disguises to blend into the crowd was no longer an option either.

Santiago quietly observed the harbour from a safe distance and waited for the sentries to begin their patrols. Once there was a gap in their patrols, he put on his diving gear, infiltrated the harbour, swam into the docks, boarded the submersible, and quickly set sail for the horizon before any of the guards could raise the alarm.

Santiago puts a swift end to Keystone.

Of course, Santiago knew all of this already and had made his decision before arriving. He had no plan to throw his own life away for some insane gamble that was obviously never going to work.

Santiago quietly played along with Keystone's "plan" and waited for the Captain to meet up with his comrades down below. Once they all turned their backs, Santiago raised his weapon and emptied his magazine into the unsuspecting operatives. He retrieved the counteragent sample from their corpses, and then left the island before any more of Keystone's comrades could retaliate. Santiago then sailed back to the main Tanoa island and made his way towards Georgetown.

Samjo's dropoff point.

However, it wasn't going to be easy to get inside; CSAT soldiers were everywhere and the authorities knew his identity. He would have to wait until the coast was clear before he could actually get to the drop-off point that Samjo had told him about.

Once he arrived, he placed the sample into the van and waited for a call from Samjo again.
« Your doctor-man. He done here. He free to go... But, écoute moi. You in big danger.

Your NATO friends, they betray you. After you betray them. CSAT know who you are - 'Santiago'. Tanoa. It no place for you no more. But L'Ensemble? We don't forget our friends. There is a petit submersible at the harbor in Tavu. Take it, use it to escape. Go to La Roche. Go safe. Adieu.
Samjo's parting words
Samjo smugly applauded his decision and gave Santiago his own assurance that Drábek would be allowed to walk away unharmed. Furthermore, he was aware that Santiago was now a wanted fugitive and needed a way out of the province. As a parting "gift", he let Santiago know about a CSAT submersible docked at the harbour in Tavu which he could use to flee with before bidding a final farewell.

With L'Ensemble's help, Santiago makes a run for the submersible.

Getting into Tavu itself wouldn't be difficult; Samjo's men were already in the process of attacking the militarised harbour and would be taking care of the guards. He took advantage of the chaos to make a dash for the harbour whilst the guards were distracted, and made haste towards the capital of La Roche.

Post-Old Man

Starting a new life once more...

Sometime after leaving the Horizon Islands, Santiago would find a new country to call home. Having left the events of Tanoa behind him, he could now live out the remainder of his twilight years in peace...

Personality and Appearance

An aged Tanoan male with a balding head, Santiago preferred to wear a simple dark mud brown-coloured hunter's jacket with a pair of worn-out jeans and an olive green shemag wrapped around his neck. To keep his hands free for other tasks, Santiago always wore a wireless earpiece to receive calls on his mobile phone whenever he left his house.

« And - well... Heh heh. I guess it like they say, eh? An old man in a job where men die young... Well... That's not a man you wanna mess with.
A somewhat accurate (and ominous) description of Santiago and his experience

Always silent, Santiago has been hardened by decades of experience in his service with the Foreign Legion. He possesses a wide array of skillsets, ranging from flying planes and helicopters, operating armoured vehicles, and wielding a variety of small arms and heavy weapons.

As such, he quickly built up a positive (and notorious) reputation amongst the various Tanoan militant groups - particularly with the L'Ensemble, whose leaders recognised his resourcefulness and provided him with privileges rarely offered to those outside of the group.

He was far from an altruist, however, as Santiago was easily swayed by bountiful rewards and was not above taking bribes from those who were desperate enough to request for his silence. At the same time, his loyalties were flexible; whether it was CTRG, L'Ensemble, or the people of the Horizon Islands, he has no compunction against betraying anyone at a moment's notice - for the right price.



Santiago's original appearance (second from the right).

  • During beta testing, Santiago had a completely different face and shared the same look with Georgious Akhanteros. This was eventually refactored upon Old Man's full release, which gave Santiago his own unique face and identity.
  • Depending on the player's actions and reputation points throughout Old Man, the L'Ensemble will either be allies or borderline hostile to Santiago's presence.
    • Gaining the movement's trust will allow Santiago to gain a discount from weapons shops and staying overnight at hotels, as well as receive combat support from the guerillas.
  • Not including The Commander from Mobile Ops - who isn't a "true" protagonist in the conventional sense, Santiago is the series' first silent protagonist as has no voiced or even written dialogue throughout the entirety of Old Man (excluding rare text messages sent by him).

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