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« Did I know him? No. Not really, mec. He's not the kind of gros dur you get to know - you know? He never talk too much.
Former colleague describing "Santiago"

"Santiago" is the main protagonist of ArmA 3's Old Man mini-campaign.


A former soldier in the French Foreign Legion (FFL), Santiago helped distribute aid to Arganan refugees fleeing from war at the height of the Argana Crisis in 2000.

Eventually, Santiago was discharged from the FFL and retired sometime in the mid 2020s. He returned to the Horizon Islands, hoping to live out the rest of his days in a small village on the outskirts of Ouméré, Tanoa Province.

Old Man (2038)


Post-Old Man

Some time after making his choice, Santiago left Tanoa, presumably to live his twilight years in peace.

Personality and Appearance

An aged Tanoan male with a balding head, Santiago always wears a simple dark mud brown-coloured hunter's jacket with a pair of worn-out jeans and an olive green shemagh wrapped around his neck.

« And - well... Heh heh. I guess it like they say, eh? An old man in a job where men die young... Well... That's not a man you wanna mess with.
A somewhat accurate (and ominous) description of Santiago and his experience

Always silent, Santiago has been hardened by decades of experience in his service with the Foreign Legion. He possesses a wide array of skillsets, ranging from flying planes and helicopters, operating armoured vehicles, and wielding a variety of small arms and heavy weapons.

As such, he quickly built up a positive (and notorious) reputation with the various Tanoan militant groups - particularly with the L'Ensemble, whose leaders recognised his resourcefulness and provided him with privileges rarely offered to those outside of the group.

He was far from an altruist however, as Santiago was easily swayed by bountiful rewards and was not above taking bribes from those who were desperate enough to request for his silence. At the same time his loyalties were clearly flexible - whether it was CTRG, L'Ensemble, or the people of the Horizon Islands, he has no compunction against betraying any of the groups at a moment's notice.



Santiago's original appearance (second from the right).

  • During beta testing, Santiago had a completely different face and shared the same look with Georgious Akhanteros. This was eventually refactored upon Old Man's full release, which gave Santiago his own unique face and identity.
  • Depending on the player's actions and reputation points throughout Old Man, the L'Ensemble will either be allies or borderline hostile to Santiago's presence.
    • Gaining the movement's trust will allow Santiago to gain a discount from weapons shops and staying overnight at hotels, as well as receive combat support from the guerillas.
  • Not including The Commander from Mobile Ops (who isn't a "true" protagonist in the conventional sense), Santiago is the series' first silent protagonist as has no voiced or even written dialogue throughout the entirety of Old Man.

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