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« Saying 'respectfully', Corporal, and proceeding to be disrespectful somewhat defeats the purpose, don't you think?
Scott Miller

Scott Miller is a main character in ArmA 3.


Miller is the commander of Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG) Group 14, a multi-national NATO black ops unit.

As Group 14's leader, Miller's first and foremost priority was the retrieval of a CSAT seismic weapon of mass destruction that was known only by its codename of "Project Eastwind".

For nine years, his team was based on the Mediterranean island nation of the Republic of Altis and Stratis. Under his command, they initially spent five years embedded alongside the anti-coup Altian government Loyalists while also funnelling smuggled arms to the faction.

Following the conclusion of the civil war with the signing of the Jerusalem Cease Fire agreement, his team's focus shifted to assisting the successors of the Loyalists.

The group called itself the "Freedom and Independence Army" (FIA) and had risen to retake the country from the oppression of the victorious hardline Altian government led by Georgious Akhanteros.

Miller held ties with the guerilla leader Kostas Stavrou, and secretly provided strategic/tactical planning for the group while his team (unbeknownst to the guerillas) continued their search for the WMD.

He went by the radio callsigns of Falcon-1 and later on, also as Keystone.

Remnants of War (2034)

The following information is purely subjective and should not be taken as fact.
« Katherine: I understand that CSAT denied any involvement.
MacDade: Yeah. Who knows? Maybe with good reason.
Katherine: Oh?
MacDade: Look, I dunno... there were shell casings - found at the castle. NATO mil-spec.
IDAP field consultant Nathan MacDade during an interview with AAN journalist Katherine Bishop

More than a year prior to the outbreak of hostilities between the peacekeepers of the U.S.-led Task Force Aegis and Altian government troops on Stratis, Miller's team were allegedly involved in the destruction of Oreokastro, a mountain village located in the country's far north-west.

"CSAT" special forces
Note the protruding stock of the 5.56 mm-chambered SPAR-16 rifle carried by the operators on the right, contrasted against the caseless 6.5 mm Katiba bullpups supposedly used by CSAT forces on the left.

Following the village's takeover by FIA guerillas, the new hardline Altian government laid siege against it and after almost two weeks of neither side gaining any ground, a cluster airstrike is called in on the village.

From the perspective of both CSAT and the government forces, the attack was a justified and tactically sound decision as it forcibly put an end to the costly and politically embarrassing siege. Strategically however, it was a public relations nightmare.

The attack led to domestic and international condemnation of the AAF's actions and turned many citizens against Akhanteros' government - greatly benefiting both the FIA's cause and Miller's mission.

Due to the circulation of misinformation surrounding the incident, the possible involvement of Miller's team continues to remain shrouded in mystery. Even though CSAT special forces were blamed for the airstrike, an investigation carried out after the incident confirmed the presence of evidence suggesting otherwise.

The East Wind (2035)

One year later on July 7th, 2035, Miller and his team were spotted infiltrating via helicopter and landing at the long-abandoned Camp Maxwell on the smaller island of Stratis. However, the peacekeepers of TF Aegis had no reason to suspect Miller's team landing at Maxwell and disregarded the helicopter's flight in.

« Miller: This is Captain Scott Miller, Royal Navy. Come in, over.
Lacey: Uh... Receiving you, sir. Sergeant Lacey. Over.
Miller: Next time, avoid broadcasting over the whole net, soldier. We're consolidating the remnants of our forces at Camp Maxwell. You're welcome to join us, if you want.
Miller announces his presence over the radio to the survivors of TF Aegis

When the peacekeepers suddenly found themselves under fire from the AAF - supposedly in retaliation for unclear reasons, he introduced himself to the remnants of TF Aegis as a special forces operative from the British Royal Navy. Miller advised all remaining troops to rendezvous at Maxwell, dispatching Lieutenant James and a few others to collect the survivors.

Having gathered all the remaining men of TF Aegis, Miller began dividing them up into teams: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and his own team, Delta. He assigned them various tasks to retake the initiative from the AAF, hoping to reclaim the island and possibly call for reinforcements.

Miller and Corporal Ben Kerry during the latter's initial arrival at Maxwell.

Amongst the survivors, many quietly wondered about Group 14's presence and were not actually aware of Miller's background, nor the fact that they weren't actually British special forces.

Nonetheless, they followed his orders without question as he was the only NATO officer left on the island that had the "authority" to lead them; not to mention that his orders had kept them least for now.

After they secured Maxwell's surrounding area, Miller planned an attack against Air Station Mike-26, sending all four teams (including Delta) to assault the facility. His explanation to the remnants of TF Aegis were that they needed to retake the communications uplink so that NATO reinforcements could be called in.

In reality however, Miller had no intention of requesting for backup. He ordered James to demolish Mike-26 with demo charges, justifying that if they couldn't hold onto their gains then the AAF wouldn't be allowed to either; in spite of the protests from the members of TF Aegis.

« James: Bad news, sir. We've got nothing here - no way to establish a link to MEDCOM - all the equipment's fried. At least we can rig it to blow. We're setting the charges now. All squads, get clear!
Lacey: Wait, what?! You can't just blow it up! What the fuck was all this for then?!
Miller: Stand down, Bravo. That's an order. If we cant hold it, we raze it. Proceed, Delta. Burn it down. The rest of you, fall back to Maxwell. Falcon Out.
Miller explains his decision to an outraged Sgt. Lacey

After the "failure" at Mike-26, Miller dispatched both Alpha and Bravo on another mission to assassinate a high value target codenamed Goblin. The officer was supposedly holed up at at the abandoned village of Girna and James would be leading the attack. Meanwhile, the rest of Delta were dispatched elsewhere on another assignment, their mission unclear.

Though both teams succeeded in the attack, they discovered that it wasn't actually Goblin but another high-ranking officer. Miller ordered the remaining troops to fall back to Maxwell, while James headed back to their infiltration point to retrieve the submersible they had used to insert into Girna.

A few hours later, Miller sent the resupplied Alpha on another task. Ammunition and medical supplies were running low at Maxwell, and they needed to gather more to continue their attacks on the AAF. During the attack on Girna, Miller had actually contacted Nikos Panagopoulos, a well-known FIA acquaintance of his on the mainland to arrange for a meeting and possible deal for supplies.

However, Alpha fails to retrieve the supplies at LZ Connor after the guerillas at the outpost are wiped out in an AAF raid before they can even get there. Worse yet, Nikos was missing and wasn't found at his car, and Maxwell itself was shelled with heavy artillery.

« Alpha, we're under heavy bombardment. All teams, do not return! I say again, do not return! Find shelter. Keep your heads down. Wait until you hear from me! How copy?!
Miller alerts Alpha to remain clear of Maxwell

The attack cost the lives of many NATO soldiers, with more than half of the entire force now essentially consisting of the walking wounded. The next morning, Miller announced to the survivors that he had "succeeded" in reaching NATO MEDCOM and that backup was on the way. However, they first needed to secure the main harbour at Agia Marina so that NATO reinforcements could have an established beachhead to land on.

Of course, no such event had actually occurred overnight. Miller had not contacted NATO command and was merely deceiving the survivors into thinking that help was coming. A response from CSAT was guaranteed to reinforce the AAF garrison soon, and was certain to eliminate the remnants of TF Aegis.

Charlie was sent to launch a diversionary attack elsewhere, while he and the rest of Delta headed north of the town to arrange for an extraction via boats. The attack on Agia Marina fares better than expected and the AAF are forced to retreat. As Miller had expected, CSAT helicopters fly in to unload reinforcements. Charlie is quickly annihilated in the surprise attack while the combined remnants of Alpha and Bravo quickly flee towards Miller's extraction point.

« Conway: Christ, that was close...
Miller: Too close.
Group 14 and the remnants of TF Aegis successfully extract from Stratis

Despite CSAT paratroopers being hot on their tails, the last of TF Aegis succeed in reaching the boats and extract at the last minute. On the sail out, one of the soldiers questions Miller's next plan, and he announces that their next course of action was to rendezvous with the FIA guerillas on the mainland.

The survivors disagree with his plans but begrudgingly accept it, knowing full well that they had no other viable options left. Before they could talk any further, AAF jets suddenly strafe Miller's position and open fire on the two boats, capsizing the vessels and knocking their survivors overboard.

Though Miller and Group 14 made it safely onto the shores of Altis, the same could not be said for the rest of TF Aegis. One of his subordinates - Sgt. Hardy, had also perished from his wounds but had somehow dragged Corporal Ben Kerry, a TF Aegis survivor onto the shores at Aggelochori.

While reconnoitring the old capital of Kavala during a joint CSAT/AAF raid on the city, James brought back Kerry under the supervision of FIA leader Kostas Stavrou (though Kerry had not realised he was working with the FIA leader at the time). Miller found himself trapped by a CSAT patrol while scouting a nearby checkpoint and requested for help from the guerillas. Luckily, Kerry and Stavrou were nearby and quickly diverted to his position.

The patrol is eliminated with their help, and Kerry accompanies Miller back to the guerilla camp further north.

« Miller: They're expecting us - let's not keep them waiting. And, Kerry... Thanks for your help earlier.
Kerry: Oh, uh, don't mention it, Captain.
Kerry awkwardly accepts Miller's unusual display of "gratitude"

Arriving back at the camp, Miller and his team are greeted warmly by Stavrou. However, the supply situation for the guerillas was in a precarious state following the raids on Kavala. Miller informed Stavrou that his team had spotted a CSAT supply convoy regularly passing through their area to resupply one of their outposts on the coasts near Fotia. It would be an easy target for them to take in the mean time, and he volunteered his men to lead the ambush.

The next day, James and his team were due to head out for the ambush but Miller immediately diverted James' team for a higher priority task instead. At his "suggestion", Stavrou promoted Cpl. Kerry to become leader of the ambush operation in lieu of James, while the rest of Group 14 headed out to a separate target.

« There's no time for debate. The convoy's en route and you know the plan. Look, I wouldn't task you with this unless I thought you could handle it. Commander Stavrou's on board with it, too.
Miller places the responsibility of the ambush squarely on Kerry's back

Though Kerry was successful, both the truck and their camp at Bomos had to be abandoned following a massive CSAT counteroffensive. Later that night, Miller and his team regrouped at the guerillas' new hideout at a rundown factory near Gori, but immediately moved out again the next day to continue their search for Eastwind.

Later that morning, Miller had not expected the guerillas to launch their own raid on an outpost near the town of Frini and was surprised to see mechanised CSAT/AAF units - even multiple attack jets, racing in their direction. He quickly radioed in to alert Stavrou of the incoming reinforcements.

As dusk began to fall, Miller's team moved out again to scout the central regions of the island around the airport. While observing the terminal, Miller's men spotted a convoy with a high-ranking CSAT officer preparing to leave the terminal. Their route was expected to take them through the town of Agios Dionysios, where the guerillas were launching another raid to retrieve fuel supplies.

Unfortunately, the target vehicles they were searching for were found to be empty by Cpl. Kerry's team. Miller informed Stavrou that a second truck was located further south at a construction site near Alikampos; unlike the one at Agios Dionysios, it was filled to the brim with gas. However, it was also heavily guarded by CSAT recon troops. In spite of the odds, Kerry's team succeeds yet again and retrieves the truck.

At that same moment, the convoy departed from the airport's terminal and was heading straight in the direction of the guerillas, which was due to pass through in roughly 10 minutes.

« Look, neutralising this target is a game-changer. Opportunities like this sometimes require snap decisions.

Recognising a good opportunity to inflict a severe blow against CSAT and cause the remaining troops on the island to fall into disarray, Miller "advised" Kerry to hand over the fuel so that his men could set up a trap. He left the American to make his own choice on the matter, explaining that he would "sort things out" with Stavrou over the fuel cistern's loss.

To his surprise, the American proves to be more resourceful than he had anticipated. The Corporal had somehow ambushed the convoy without sacrificing the cistern.

« Kerry: We managed to take care of it on our own. 'Opportunities like this sometimes require snap decisions'. Over.
Miller: Good lord! You might just make a decent soldier after all. Well done. Falcon out.
Miller sarcastically commends Kerry's initiative

Meanwhile, the search for Eastwind continued deeper into the eastern regions of the island. They were still too heavily patrolled by CSAT troops however, putting a temporary halt to their mission.

Instead, Miller ordered James' team to return back west. Stavrou had arranged for Kerry to link up with an AAF officer who was offering to defect to the FIA. Miller dispatched James' men to escort the officer back to the guerilla camp, though the officer insisted to Miller over the radio that he had no need for such concerns.

Miller and Stavrou devise a strategy to rescue Nikos.

« Just shut up and let's go. I told Miller, I have no business with you Brits.

The AAF officer revealed to Miller and Stavrou that Nikos was being held by the AAF at Camp Tempest on Stratis. If they were to rescue him, they had to go now before he could be relocated elsewhere.

Miller personally volunteered to lead the rescue mission while also assigning Kerry to accompany his team. The next evening, his team moved into position along the coast south of Neri, and prepared inflatable boats for the assault. After Cpl. Kerry managed to sneak his way through the town's defenders, they linked up and began sailing off in the direction of Stratis.

A direct assault on the camp would be suicide however, so he tasked Kerry's team with the duty of creating as much havoc elsewhere on the island. Under the cover of darkness, Kerry's team managed to create explosive distractions and drew most of the entrenched CSAT/AAF defenders to suppress them. Miller's team took the opportunity to infiltrate the camp and managed to retrieve Nikos. Having claimed their target, both teams subsequently fled back to Altis.

For Miller and the rest of Group 14, there was no time to celebrate Nikos' return. Ill news had arrived that NATO was preparing a full-scale invasion of Altis. Time was running out fast, and Miller still required more to continue his search for Eastwind. He informed Stavrou of the impending invasion while also pulling strings with NATO MEDCOM to sabotage the invasion.

The invasion force commences its attack later that night. The 111th Infantry Division (111th ID) was misled into assaulting the main airport which - according to the supplied intelligence reports - wasn't heavily defended. Unsurprisingly, the attackers run headlong into a veritable wall of CSAT and AAF defences and are easily beaten back. Furthermore, the invasion force was not informed of the guerillas being friendlies and Stavrou is cut down by NATO helicopters; despite having thought that they were "helping" the invaders.

The following information is purely subjective and should not be taken as fact.
What happens to Miller during this time remains uncertain, but it's clear that he had already left the country on the eve of the NATO invasion. As for James and the rest of Group 14, however, they remained behind to continue the search for Eastwind.

Eventually, the device was found at an unmarked research facility in the island's north-east. After a special unit of CSAT troops prepared to ship out the device, Miller presumably authorised Group 14 to launch an all-out, last ditch attack on the facility. However, James' men did not manage to succeed with capturing the device, and much of Group 14 fell during the attack; James himself being severely wounded in the process.

Though the operation on Altis ended in utter failure, Miller continued to personally track down Eastwind's movements. A day later, he discovered that it was headed directly towards the South Pacific nation of the Horizon Islands.

Apex Protocol (2035)

Four days after leaving the Republic of Altis and Stratis, Miller continued searching for traces of Eastwind through the jungles of the devastated island nation. Much of the country had recently been struck by a powerful tsunami caused by an undersea earthquake.

He soon discovered that Eastwind was the fundamental cornerstone of a much wider spanning CSAT conspiracy. An elite special operations force dubbed as "Viper Team", were secretly supplying a group of insurgents in the country's Tanoa Province. The insurgents, who referred to themselves as the "Syndikat", were taking advantage of the chaos caused by the disaster to seize control of provincial settlements.

While CTRG had suspected Viper's presence for some time already, their true existence remained unconfirmed due to the lack of solid intelligence on the unit's activities. Miller's personal sighting of Viper in action, combined with an earthquake striking the nation on the eve of Eastwind's supposed arrival in the country, led him to a firm opinion that CSAT was indeed behind the disaster. But before he could investigate any further, he ran afoul of the Syndikat and was quickly imprisoned by the insurgents.

Though he had not known it at the time, CTRG command had dispatched another team to free Miller from his captivity. Under the guise of the joint government/NATO operation on the island, members of Group 15 assaulted the hideout where Miller was being held three days later.

Raider 1 in position to breach Miller's hideout.

« Fucking hell, lads. What took you so long?
Miller is rescued by members of Group 15, callsign Raider 1

Fighting their way through wave after wave of Syndikat, Miller was eventually extracted through the combined efforts of Group 15's members, callsigned Raider 1 and Raider 2.

On the ride out, Miller began debriefing the the commanding officer of Group 15 - Major A.J. Dutton and their Pacific NATO liaison Lieutenant Colonel Vince Broadale, on the current situation. He confirmed Viper's existence and informed them of his suspicions behind CSAT's hidden agenda.

« Miller: As we understand it, they aim to destabilise the region by proxy. In fact, it's my opinion that they're responsible for the Pacific disaster itself.
Broadale: Hold on now, that makes no sense. It was a goddamn Tsunami, Captain-
Miller: -caused by an sub-sea earthquake. The fact is, we have scant intel. The little we have is classified. Group 14 got close in the Med, but the opportunity slipped away. Bottom line: we believe Viper possess the means - a device - to trigger a natural disaster. It's clear they're using Tanoan dissidents as cover.
Miller's debriefing

Following the breadcrumbs of intelligence gathered by both Raider teams, CTRG are soon led to the Balavu province in the country's west; specifically the smaller Sosovu Island to its north. Viper Team had set up numerous "black sites" throughout the island and the command centre itself was also hidden somewhere deep in the island. Both Miller and the Raider teams stumbled onto the site of one massacre after another as Viper Team and Syndikat had apparently turned on each other for unknown reasons.

Miller scouted ahead and eventually discovered the location of the primary black site. There, he found a recording witnessing the Syndikat's leader, codenamed Warlock, personally executing the Viper commander. The leader issued a direct threat to Viper that he would sell both Eastwind and the secrets of their operation - the so-called "Apex Protocol", to the highest bidder.

Fortunately for CTRG, communications between Warlock and Viper Team were intercepted and it was revealed that negotiations were being held at the Blue Pearl Industrial Port on the main Tanoa island - with Eastwind also present somewhere on the docks. As darkness fell, time was running short as Miller and both Raider teams rushed to get into position at the port. Furthermore, it was reported that Eastwind had been deliberately armed by Warlock as well.

Miller infiltrated the port's power station and set up demo charges onto its transformers. When the green light was issued, he detonated the explosives while the Raider teams swiftly eliminated both Warlock and his bodyguards. Raider 2 retrieved the primary disarm key but Warlock had handed over the secondary disarm key to one of his lieutenants. Miller hunted down the rogue officer and retrieved it. Soon after, he also found Eastwind itself stashed away on the harbour's north-eastern corner.

Miller attempts to disarm Eastwind.

Miller rushed to the device's terminal and began inserting the secondary disarm key. The members of Raider 2 also arrived and input the primary key as well. It would take time to finish however, and Miller was left completely defenceless while completing the disarm process.

Viper Team had gotten wind of the attack and weren't about to hand over their prized possession quietly. The Raider teams formed a perimeter around Miller and defended him as best they could, but were in danger of being overrun as VTOL after VTOL airlifted seemingly endless waves of Viper operatives.

Viper commences its attack as Miller scrambles to disarm Eastwind.

Miller remained confident and reassured the Raider teams that they were fine. Just then, a helicopter carrying the members of Group 14 proceeds to swoop in over their position, laying down a hail of suppressive fire on the encroaching Viper operatives.

« Miller: Nice to have you with us, Falcon. Join the party, feel free to shoot something.
James: You're lucky they pay me pop-star wages to save your arse, Keystone.
Miller "greets" James and the rest of Group 14

They proceed to land and with the rest of Group 14's aid, the last of the Viper assault force is wiped out. Two more helicopters fly in to pick up both Miller and Raiders 1 and 2, with one also slingloading Eastwind and hauling it off the island.

Post-Apex Protocol

Miller, Dutton, and Pacific NATO commander LtCol. Vince Broadale watch the media reports on the aftermath of the so-called "Apex Protocol Papers" revelations.

CTRG begins to disseminate evidence of Apex Protocol to news networks throughout the globe. Reporters hone in on the seeds of information planted by the unit and begin revealing the presence of Viper's black sites to the world.

While being debriefed back at CTRG headquarters, Miller watches as CSAT officials frantically attempt to deny Apex Protocol's existence in spite of the overwhelming evidence gathered by his men.

« This should be golden. Turn it up.

Governments from non-aligned countries as well as both the East and West, publicly condemn the coalition's acts of state-sponsored terrorism. Even CSAT's own members begin to step away from the organisation - hoping to distance themselves from the controversy.

And yet at the centre of it all, not a single reference to Eastwind's existence was mentioned on the broadcasts.

« Broadale: Hey, before we move on to the brief. I can't help but notice just one thing here, gents.
Dutton: Oh? What's that?
Broadale: There's been no mention of this 'Eastwind' device. Zero.
Miller: Oh, that. Yes. No, we saw no reason to complicate matters further.
Broadale questions Miller about Eastwind

When asked by Broadale on its whereabouts, Miller cryptically responded that CTRG saw "no reason" to inflame the situation any further...

« It's in safe hands now.

Old Man (2038)

Three years later, the growing crisis on the Horizon Islands once again attracts the attention of CTRG. With NATO having abandoned the country following the conclusion of Exercise Safe Horizon, CSAT quickly stepped in to "assist" the beleaguered nation at the request of its new pro-CSAT leadership.

The sudden diplomatic switch, combined with the unusual nature of the malaria super-strain, raised Miller's suspicions that CSAT machinations were at play once more. The disease's effects were oddly specific, with reports of non-Tanoans failing to perish from the disease while ethnic Tanoans would die within hours. Miller theorised that the super-strain was artificially fabricated, but there was no evidence to back his suspicion as of yet.

Immediately, CTRG command authorised Operation Tarnhem, with Miller taking charge of the investigation to identify the true cause of the outbreak. However without the cover of U.S. military exercises and an overwhelmingly anti-West Tanoan leadership, an overt operation akin to Group 14's previous deployment was simply out of the question.

Miller's camp on Tanoa island.

Fortunately a local asset - a retired French Foreign Legionnaire named "Santiago", was already based in the Tanoa Province, and could handle the majority of grunt work without arousing unwanted suspicion.

Miller set up a small camp deep within the jungles of the main island. He contacted the former soldier through a secure channel and requested Santiago to set up hidden cameras overlooking a CSAT health clinic in Ouméré.

The unusual red markings on certain CSAT vehicles.

The next day, Miller reached out to Santiago and divulged what little details he knew of CSAT's recent activities. The cameras also recorded footage of trucks with strange red markings driving overnight to nearby Luganville, which had suffered an outbreak merely hours after the trucks had arrived.

Furthermore, the clinic had been hastily abandoned; Miller ordered Santiago to investigate the empty clinic to search for intelligence. Santiago took numerous photographs of the clinic, but a scrapped shipping invoice and scrubbed whiteboard repeated one name constantly: Harcourt.

« Again. Harcourt... It's unlikely that's a coincidence. There must be a connection. Head over there - see if we're onto something. I'll do some digging, find out what I can from here.

It was the name of a harbour town on Moddergat, but had recently been repurposed exclusively for CSAT logistics and shipping. Realising Harcourt may hold the key to the super-strain somehow, Miller told Santiago to investigate the port.

The militarised port at Harcourt.

Hours later, Santiago infiltrated the port and gathered extensive intel from the facility. The Legionnaire returned to Miller's hideout and handed over the physical documents, which Miller quickly uploaded back to CTRG Central to disseminate.

He was right on mark once again: this outbreak was no act of nature, it was biogenetically engineered. Dubbed as the "Atrox" strain, it was the crowning achievement of CSAT scientists, and it was blatantly clear that the coalition had yet to abandon the Apex Protocol.

« Our INTREPs all agree on one thing. CSAT have developed a mosquito-borne parasite; lethal only to certain genotypes. They've dubbed it the Atrox strain. And they're testing it out here, on ethnic Tanoans. Creating a disaster they themselves can respond to.

In addition, CSAT were reproducing the disease locally at their airbase on Tuvanaka island. CTRG's reconnaissance assets identified the materials shipped into the country at Harcourt being brought to the island itself, where a geodesic dome was later built. Most importantly, the facility would have a sample of the counteragent used in CSAT's special anti-Atrox vaccines.

However, assaulting the island as it stood now would be suicide for Miller's team. Calling in an airstrike was similarly out of the question with anti-air defences positioned across the entire region. A veritable wall of automated sentry guns would also massacre the operatives before they'd be able to get onto the island.

Miller needed Santiago to neutralise the defences, get into Tuvanaka, and create an opportunity for his team to retrieve the counteragent. But to achieve that, Santiago needed the support of the L'Ensemble; former Syndikat insurgents turned freedom fighters, to cause enough havoc across the province.

« Obviously, we'll need some support. That means working with L'Ensemble. Or, in other words, doing a devil's deal with Syndikat.
Miller's request

Days later, Santiago continued to gain traction with the guerillas while Miller maintained his surveillance on CSAT activities, with more outbreaks being reported throughout each island. Eventually, the Legionnaire got access to the network structure plans detailing the defences protecting the island, as well as the location of its AA batteries. After getting his hands on the plans, Miller gave the former soldier a flash drive containing a virus which could cripple the defensive grid.

However, he informed Santiago that he'd also need security clearance to bypass the lockout measures; ideally, using a high-ranking CSAT officer's identity would be perfect for this. Thanks to L'Ensemble's increasingly ambitious attacks, CSAT forces were too preoccupied and were being spread thin. Santiago could now infiltrate one of the local garrisons and begin uploading the virus. Upon its success, the virus disabled the automated defences.

The way towards the lab on Tuvanaka was now clear, and the counteragent was at last within Miller's grasp. Under the cover of darkness, Miller gave the greenlight to Santiago, and the Legionnaire began his one-man raid.

« That was one hell of a distraction! My team are moving in, we'll try to get the counteragent. Head for the island of Sainte-Marie. I'll link-up with you there.

Meanwhile, his own team suited up and prepared to move in on the counteragent's location. Knowing that it would only be a matter of minutes before CSAT forces realised what Santiago was up to, an extraction was quickly prepared for a hasty getaway from the country.

Miller's fateful meeting looms...

His team succeeded in retrieving the counteragent and returned with the sample intact. With the counteragent in his possession, Operation Tarnhem's primary objectives were complete, and Miller had gathered sufficient evidence to expose CSAT's conspiracy. Miller told Santiago to rendezvous with him at the island of Sainte-Marie. Hours later, the duo would meet whereupon the Legionnaire was debriefed.

Unfortunately, as Miller explained to Santiago, there simply wasn't enough of the counteragent to spare for his associates and neighbours. Wasting what little of it was left on a temporary cure would be a colossal mistake, and forever doom any chance of developing a vaccine for Atrox...


« Bottom line is, we just can't spare any to help the people here. The long game's the only thing that matters, we have to have a solution for the future. Try to focus on the bigger picture! There is no point giving up what we have to save so few.
Miller explains their predicament

Santiago was less than pleased to hear of Miller's explanation, but begrudgingly accepted the truth. Miller urged the former soldier to join his team, and together they boarded submersibles to return to the HMS Proteus.

Though the occupation of the Horizon Islands would continue in the short term, Miller's findings and the counteragent would be pivotal in bringing a decisive end to their nefarious scheme.

Exposed by Miller's report, the occupation ends at long last.

Furthermore, CTRG supplied the counteragent sample to pharmaceutical companies to use as a basis for an Atrox vaccine. Though they would encounter many setbacks in the process, a stable vaccine would finally be developed sometime later.

As a result of its success, CTRG could now divulge details of CSAT's clandestine activities to media networks worldwide. Universal outrage over the exposure would pressure CSAT into ending their occupation.

International condemnation of CSAT crimes meant that the revelations would perhaps be the decisive deathblow against the crumbling coalition - all made possible thanks to Miller's efforts.

« Put that gun on the ground or I'll drop you where you stand!
Santiago refuses to accept Miller's justification

Santiago refused to heed Miller's explanation and raised his weapon at the Captain. After a tense standoff, the duo holstered their weapons and began walking away from one another.

Miller becomes a victim of his own intrigue.

However, Santiago used the opportunity to turn on Miller, firing a quick burst of rounds at his back and killing him instantly. Miller's lifeless body fell to the ground, and his betrayer quickly retrieved the counteragent sample before fleeing from the scene.

Miller's corpse would eventually be discovered sometime later. With the circumstances behind his death a mystery, the locals claim that he has become one of Tanoa's "disparu" - one of those lost forever to the jungle.

But his death had also meant that Operation Tarnhem amounted to nothing. With neither Miller's evidence nor the counteragent sample, CSAT's conspiracy and their fabricated crisis would continue unabated. Santiago didn't just backstab Miller - he had doomed countless other nations to become nothing more than the mere playthings of CSAT exploitation...

Personality and Appearance

Miller appears as a forty year-old white male with unkempt, dark hair and an unshaven beard. His normal attire consists of a white-green coloured undershirt with Arid or Tropic Dazzle-camouflaged combat pants and a plate carrier. On occasion, he also prefers wearing a set of black shades.

While working undercover with the FIA however, Miller dons a simple dark blue poloshirt with green trousers, and opted to wear a black tactical vest.

On the outside, Miller seemed to be a mixed bag of personalities. He maintained a strict but professional leadership role over his subordinates and was quite sardonic from time-to-time, responding curtly to perceived (or otherwise) outbursts of insubordination. He wasn't above personally thanking those who assisted him in desperate situations, however. One could almost frame Miller as someone who merely remained dutiful to his mission, and excuse his otherwise blunt attitude.

But one thing was certain: Miller was not the altruistic individual he led others to view him as. Such "courtesy" did not extend to those outside of his primary mission. No matter how resourceful someone was or could have been, those deemed as liabilities and therefore, having outlived their usefulness - would quickly find themselves left to their own devices.

« Miller: Kerry? Look, the situation has changed. It's too late. What we're dealing with here - I simply cannot take the risk - we can't return to the warzone.
Kerry: What?! Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck you, Miller!
Miller: I'm "sorry". You're on your own.
Kerry: I risked my ass - saved YOUR life - what, all for A FUCKING SUICIDE MISSION!? MILLER? RESPOND! Just what the hell was this all about?!
Miller abandons Kerry to his own fate in the non-canon Game Over ending

Miller did well at hiding his casual disregard for the lives of others. Even his most stalwart and cautious of allies like Kostas Stavrou were deceived by the Captain's promises of support, and ultimately ended up as expendable pawns. Naturally, all in the name of "the greater good".


  • Miller is voiced by Michael Pitthan.
  • His plans have caused (both directly and indirectly) the deaths of hundreds of NATO soldiers and FIA guerillas alike throughout the entirety of ArmA 3's campaigns. Likewise, his team's actions have resulted in the prolonging of a civil conflict that has left thousands of Altian civilians dead or permanently displaced.
    • In Remnants of War, it is even strongly implied that Miller's team was responsible for calling in the cluster airstrike that destroyed the village of Oreokastro.
    • Additional evidence reinforcing this implication are operational orders issued to Miller in Old Man.
      • If Miller is killed by Santiago, he retrieves mission orders from his corpse which reveal that Miller's superiors in NATO/CTRG high command gave him explicit orders to "[...] knock out CSAT's biogenetic weapon's lab and acquire the counteragent. Exploit the situation; use local agents if you have to".
      • The orders end ominously with a final statement claiming that "Everyone's expendable - including you, Miller".
    • A letter written by an AAF officer can be read by the player in the Cultural Property showcase. It even suggests that Miller may have been the culprit behind the Stratis Incident in Drawdown 2035.
      • However as of yet, it's not entirely known if this "evidence" is canonical given the fact that Cultural Property's events are not officially listed on the main Armaverse timeline.
    • As a result of his duplicity, Miller could almost be considered as the main antagonist of ArmA 3. He was largely responsible for orchestrating the events of almost every incident from the start to finish of the flashpoint on Altis.
  • Some of the internal names written by the developers for voice subtitles outright refer to Miller as an arsehole, echoing the sentiments shared by many of the non-CTRG characters who interact with him (i.e. str_a3_c_m02_103_millerisanasshole_ker_0 for one of Kerry's lines in Win).
  • Miller was featured in the "Epic Split" trailer for the promotion of the Karts DLC. He was also used in "Captain Miller Wants You To Vote" promotional material released for Bohemia Interactive's Make Arma Not War competition.
  • He makes a cameo in the Course of Fire: Gray (CoF: Gray) challenge added with the release of Game Update 2.00, celebrating ArmA 3's seventh anniversary since launch.
    • Miller in the CoF: Gray challenge.

      The canonicity of his appearance in this challenge is not known, though operatives from Group 13 undergo live fire training exercises through his so-called "Fortress of Fun" course at the Kamino Firing Range, demonstrating their skills to NATO officials.
      • He can be found standing at Course #12. If the player aims an unholstered weapon at him, Miller will utter the same warning dialogue lines he says to Santiago in Old Man.
      • In a tongue-in-cheek reference to his ethically questionable actions throughout the campaigns, his photograph on the course map displayed on the whiteboard amusingly depicts him with a devil's horns and tail drawn over it.
    • Miller in Amsterdam.

      Following the release of Art of War, Miller also appears as part of an easter egg in the DLC's showcase gallery where he is shown spying on the visitors.
      • Spotting him with a pair of binoculars will award the player with an achievement for their Steam profile.
The information below details unused, pre-release or removed content.
  • In early iterations of ArmA 3's original storyline, Miller was intended to serve as the campaign's protagonist in lieu of Ben Kerry. His backstories in both versions (2011/2012) was vastly different and much more expansive compared to his canon counterpart:
    • In the 2011 version:
      • He had a wife named Kate née Greggs (age 39) and a 7-year old daughter by the name of Susan. He enlisted with the Royal Marines in 2010, underwent commando training following one tour of duty in Afghanistan, before completing his studies/Officer's course in 2016.
      • Following the outbreak of full-scale war between NATO and the Republic of Iran in the 2020s, he joined the Special Boat Service in 2021 where he quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to troop commander. He took part in multiple covert NATO joint operations in the Pacific theatre, the Middle East and Central Asia. After suffering from a debilitating injury whilst on a mission, he was transferred from active service.
      • In 2032, he was recruited by Colonel Martin Novak (a character who no longer exists in canon), the founder of the newly-established CTRG based at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). Assigned as the commanding officer of "Security Team A", his primary objective was to investigate experimental weapons programmes undergoing development by the Iranian military on the occupied former Greek island of Limnos.
      • Arma_3_GamesCom_Presentation_part_4

        Arma 3 GamesCom Presentation part 4

        Brief footage of Miller as a civilian in the Gamescom demo (2011)

        However, they are ambushed before they can arrive and Miller is left stranded ashore as the sole survivor of his team.
      • He had to gain the trust of remnants of the Greek resistance, work with local arms smugglers, find a way to contact CTRG, and overthrow the Iranians and its dictator. The campaign would have had multiple endings based on Miller's actions throughout the story in a similar fashion to ArmA 2's Harvest Red.
    • In the 2012 version:
      • His backstory largely remained unaltered from the initial 2011 version with the exception of the setting, due to the war being contained to Greece's eastern borders with the signing of the Jerusalem Peace Accords in 2034.
      • However unlike his 2011 counterpart, Miller was no longer the sole protagonist and was meant to be playable alongside three other characters: Corporal Ben Kerry (infantryman), Sergeant Rick Hutchison (a tank commander) and Lieutenant Jeff Larkin (helicopter pilot).
      • As opposed to the original story, the 2012 iteration involves a botched withdrawal that leaves the soldiers and Miller's team of UKSF operatives stranded on Limnos. After Air Station Mike-26 is sabotaged by an unknown hostile force, Miller and the survivors would find themselves caught directly in the middle of an Iranian invasion.
      • Similarly, he would have to collaborate with the local Greek resistance forces and find some way of driving off the Iranians.
    • Unused icon for Miller's clothing.

      The icon, textures and model for his 2011 outfit still exist within the game files (Model name: c_citizen5.p3d).
    • In the current and final version of the storyline, Miller appears to have supplanted the 2011 Col. Novak's role to a degree; possessing a similar level of authority within CTRG whilst leading its field operations simultaneously.


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