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Sefrou-Ramal is a playable terrain in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Western Sahara Creator DLC.



« Located in the northeast of Argana, the mineral rich province of Sefrou-Ramal has been a hotspot of unrest for many years due to rival tribes, underfunded peacekeeping forces, and a foreign military presence. Characterized by flowing sand dunes and desert architecture, this 100km² terrain is composed of completely new assets, as well as upgraded structures and objects from Arma 2 and Arma 3, making it as beautiful as it is mesmerizing.
Official terrain description

The north-easternmost province of Argana, Sefrou-Ramal encompasses the main inhabited areas of the Sefrawi Desert. The Sefrawi Desert comprises of inhospitable sand dunes and remote oases, reaching far into Algeria to the east and meeting with Morocco to the north.

The Sefrawi Desert.

All of Sefrou-Ramal was once submerged entirely underwater. However, the ocean dried out over 5,000 years ago, turning the region into its current arid landscape. There also claims that the Sefrawi Desert is haunted by singing spirits; although the phenomenon has been widely attested to, many attribute it to the sonance of avalanching dunes.

Sefrou-Ramal was once a flourishing French colony and a promising independent state, though Sefrou-Ramal has since grown increasingly unstable following a series of of military coups and gross economic mismanagement. Although it is supported by a modest tourist trade, it remained mostly ignored by the international community until the effects of climate change began to emerge in the late 2020s. Since then, the region has erupted into a hotbed of civil unrest and tribal conflict.

Before the outbreak of civil war, tourism companies offered camel rides into the Sefrawi Desert that took tourists on overnight expeditions. Likewise, racing enthusiasts from across the globe descended upon Sefrou-Ramal for the annual "Dune Rally", jointly sponsored by Redstone and the Vrana Corporation.

Other parts of the regional economy also stem from its rich iron ore deposits. A surface mine, recently acquired by Daltgreen, an Australian subsidiary of the Shenzhen Industry Group, employs many of the region's locals. However, escalating tensions in recent times have forced the mine to shut down.

In 2032, CSAT member states and the Arganan government constructed a military airfield to base unmanned drones out of the region, extending their surveillance coverage across the whole of the Western Sahara. Though the site was briefly occupied by NATO forces in June 2035, it was eventually returned to the control of the Arganan Air Force in January 2036.

Terrain-specific texts

« The word 'Sahara' derives from the Arabic, as-sahra al-kubrá, meaning 'the Greatest Desert'. »
« According to legend, an ancient Imazighen tribe, known as the Scylii, once declared war on the desert winds. They disappeared without a trace in the 5th Century BC. »
« Every year, racing enthusiasts descend on Sefrou-Ramal for the celebrated Vrana-Redstone Dune Rally. »
« The Sirocco, a wind responsible for shaping Argana's dune fields, has many names ⁠— including the Ghibli, Jugo, and Sharqiyya. It can sometimes reach hurricane speeds. »
« The indigenous camels of the Sefrou-Ramal region are called 'dromedaries' and only have one hump. Historically, they were used against European cavalry, as their scent is known to panic horses. »
« Many locals believe the Sefrawi Desert is haunted by singing spirits. Although the phenomenon has been widely attested, many attribute it to the sonance of avalanching dunes. »
« Before the war, many companies offered camel trips into the Sefrawi Desert, taking tourists on overnight expeditions, far from civilization. »
« The province of Sefrou-Ramal receives less than 50 mm of rainfall per year. »
« All of Sefrou-Ramal was once underwater. The ocean dried out some 5,000 years ago, leaving the region's arid landscape. »
« Date palms (Phoenix dactylifera) can grow up to 23 meters. »



  • Although Sefrou-Ramal is considered to be a canon-compatible depiction of one of Argana's provinces, it is not explicitly referred to as such.


  • Sefrou-Ramal is the first terrain included in a third party Creator DLC that is specifically set in an Armaverse nation.

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