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Selakano is a settlement located on the island of Altis in the Republic of Altis and Stratis.


Partially-constructed wave power generators at Mazi.

Located just a short distance away from Feres, Selakano is the southernmost town on the south-eastern peninsula of the Altian mainland.

The town by itself is mostly unremarkable save for the small chapel on the southern hilltop. Selakano is better known for its contribution to the nation's power grid, with its main highlight being the twelve wind turbines constructed atop the ridge further south-west of the settlement.

The abandoned coastal village of Mazi, overlooking the Mazi Bay, also serves as a green energy farm that has electricity generated by the array of wave power generators scattered along the length of the bay. It can be accessed through the dirt road that splits off from the south-east side of the town.


On August 10th, 2035, Iranian forces deployed to Altis as part of CSAT's Griffin Regiment prepared to evacuate their remaining military personnel and science teams out of the country.

CSAT advisers order the remaining Altians to blunt the NATO advance at all costs (2035)

American-led NATO forces, having invaded the country days earlier, were closing in after their successful capture of the capital Pyrgos, and had effectively cut off the supply lines of the Altian military's remaining units.

Knowing that the downfall of Georgious Akhanteros' government was imminent, the commander of Griffin Regiment - Colonel Vahid Namdar, ordered the Altians to buy them as much time as possible. The Altians were not briefed on the exact reasoning behind this evacuation, however.

To assist in their efforts, the last of their advanced T-140 Angara tanks were "gifted" to the Altians, though no CSAT soldiers or crews would be helping them in the defence.

The Altians managed to hold off the Americans long enough for the evacuation to complete, though their remaining forces were completely decimated in the relentless attacks and their losses were innumerable. Only a handful of defenders survived the battle.


Selakano Airfield


The triangular-shaped airfield north-east of the town was jointly operated by both the AAF and Iranian-led CSAT forces at the height of their peacekeeping deployment.

It has a total of three dirt runways for fixed-wing aircraft. Two barracks structures house the airfield's staff, and a motor pool is built opposite the barracks. A chalk-marked helipad is located in front of the barracks next to the motor pool. It supports rotary-wing helicopters ranging from heavy gunships to utility transports.

Logistics units stationed next to the barracks are available at all times to refuel, repair and rearm aircraft.

Military outpost


Manned by personnel from the AAF, this small outpost (located at grid coordinates 200-067) provides security for the town against potential raids by insurgents from the so-called "Freedom and Independence Army" (FIA).

It comprises of two portable structures and a command centre protected by a series of H-barrier walls and two guard towers. A third portable, also surrounded by H-barriers, can be found on the southern side of the outpost.


  • Selakano's airfield is prominently featured in the Gunships showcase where it serves as the initial starting position for the player.
  • Three heavily rusted wreckages of Slammer tanks can strangely be found next to the AAF outpost.


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