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« That's close enough. I am General Shagarov. You will hand over the prisoner now.

Shagarov is a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


General of the 454th Guards Motor-Rifle Regiment, Shagarov serves as the peacekeeping force's commander during its brief intervention in the South Zagoria region of Chernarus.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

The Russian military is prompted to intervene in the country after a supposed terrorist attack by Chernarussian National Party (NAPA) extremists in the heart of the Russian Federation's capital city, Moscow.

The existing American expeditionary force already in the country is forced to hastily withdraw after their mandate is overruled by the Russians in the UN Security Council.

During the latter stages of the operation, he is the officer who secretly takes part in a deal between the Russian and U.S. government, as well as with CDF command in order to exchange custody of Gregori Lopotev, the notorious leader of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ).

However, the handover is interrupted after an unexpected ambush from Russian special forces, which turn out to none other than the rogue Spetsnaz team headed by "Karelin".

Karelin attempts to rescue Lopotev at all costs, and even guns down several of Shagarov's personal bodyguards in the process, while the General himself is forced to take cover under the intense fire. Luckily for both Shagarov himself and USMC Force Recon Razor Team (who were covertly operating in the country), Karelin is eventually killed in the ensuing gunbattle by Razor Team.

The General was able to escape with Lopotev in tow, and is finally brought back to the safety of Russian lines where he undergoes an interrogation. Lopotev's statements proved that the ChDKZ and Karelin worked together to fabricate the Moscow bombings, absolving NAPA of any involvement in the attack.

Post-Operation Harvest Red

Shagarov's report was quickly delivered to the Kremlin and within hours, a complete withdrawal of the 454th from Chernarus came into effect.

Personality and Appearance

Shagarov appears as an elderly Slavic male with greying light brown hair. He wears the standard attire of a Russian officer that consists of a Flora-camouflaged field cap and uniform.

Given his limited amount of screen time, little is known about Shagarov himself aside from appearing to have a mistrustful, if not borderline hostile attitude towards Razor Team as seen during Lopotev's handover.

« It was General Shagarov's report that really swung it for us though. We're lucky Karelin's rescue attempt went down like it did.
Razor Team's post-Harvest Red debrief

While he's certainly no friend of the Americans, he does seem to be relatively altruistic and reports back genuine information regarding Karelin's conspiracy to the Russian government. And because of this, the truth behind the Moscow bombings are finally revealed and the NAPA guerillas are absolved of any involvement.


  • Shagarov is possibly the anonymous Russian official that is quoted by the RVR (Russian Voice Radio) network immediately after the Moscow bombings take place.
  • In alternate endings where Lopotev is captured but the ChDKZ are not wiped out, Shagarov is awarded the Order Of Saint Andrew for revealing Karelin's conspiracy following the end of the crisis.
    • His exposition leads to a temporary crisis in the Russian government after several high-ranking government and military officials are implicated and sentenced to death.
    • Shagarov himself dies in a supposedly "accidental" car crash three years later in 2012.
  • In the official Eagle Wing addon campaign, Shagarov makes a cameo as a HVT for U.S. Navy Lieutenant Ed Winter to eliminate and dies after his helicopter transport is shot down by the American pilot.
    • Along with the campaign itself, this appearance is completely non-canonical as the events of Eagle Wing do not occur in the canon Armaverse Timeline.


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