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ArmA 2's Silver Lion campaign has players take control of Bohuslav Kouba, a Czech soldier who is a part of the BYSFOR counterinsurgency task force based in the semi-autonomous Chernarussian region of Bystrica.

A self-styled warlord by the name of Radan Miyović has continued to wage his campaign of terror against the citizens of Bystrica in spite of the civil war's end. BYSFOR have been dispatched to apprehend Miyović along with his senior officers and associates.




War Criminal (15th August, 2010)

« Hunt for a dangerous war criminal. »

Civil war in Bystrica has come to an end but Col. Miyović, codenamed Tiger, defiantly continues to stage raids against citizens from his strongholds in the north. Sgt. Bohuslav Kouba has been assigned with the task of tracking down the fugitive warlord. After following through on several leads, Miyović and his lieutenant Andrej Kasun are successfully captured by Kouba's squad.

Patrol (20th August, 2010)

« Patrol with the WIFV Pandur II and reduce enemy numbers. »

Despite Miyović's apprehension, his band of militiamen have refused to surrender. Kouba commandeers an IFV to go on patrol throughout the Bystrican countryside. He destroys several hidden camps and many enemy vehicles, while also providing escort for a convoy of medical vehicles to BYSFOR's Needle Base safely.

Man's Best Friend (5th September, 2010)

« Catch the war criminals with your dog. »

The time has come for Miyović's remaining associates to be brought to justice. In the early hours of the morning, Kouba once again leads the hunt for Dragan Kasun, Borz Kazbekov and Aslan Radayev, a notorious arms smuggler who provided arms for Miyović's militia army. All three are quickly tracked down and are restrained by Kouba's men before they can escape.

Fireworks (7th September, 2010)

« Find and destroy the enemy camp using artillery. »

With the last of Miyović's officers taken down, all that remains are the scraps of his men scattered deep within the woodlands of Bystrica. Using a UAV to his advantage, Kouba succeeds in tracking down all of the militia camps and calls in artillery to destroy them one-by-one.

Wind Storm (6th August, 2012)

« Escort and defend a friendly helicopter in the enemy controlled zone. »

Takistan is in the midst of a civil war between rival warlords along with tribes opposed to the Western presence in the country. Czech pilots have been detailed with the task of airdropping 601st SFG operators into the barren highlands of Central Takistan to address the growing threat.

Dum Spiro Spero (7th August, 2012)

« Find enemy leaders in the Takistani mountains. »

Three warlords - Abdul Warkhaidi, Jabbar Kutaiba and Rasheed Sabeer, have been identified as the leaders responsible for the growing number of attacks on Czech and allied forces. A team of 601st SFG operators quietly infiltrated a ridge overlooking the village of Jilavur, where they discovered the warlords holding a meeting. The operators called in an airstrike on their position, and succeeded in eliminating the warlords.

Thunderstorm (8th August, 2012)

« Destroy the enemy convoy and camp using the ALCA. »

Patrolling the skies over the Shukurkalay-Kakaru area of Central Takistan, Czech pilots provided close air support to 601st SFG operators on the ground. They succeeded in stopping a convoy attempting to move through the village of Kakaru, and also razed an insurgent camp in near the Sar-e Sang Pass.

There Will Be Flood (7th August, 2010)

« Find and rescue citizens of a flooded town. »

Hit by heavy rains, large areas of Bystrica have been inundated by rising floodwaters, stranding large numbers of civilians. BYSFOR troops volunteered to assist in the rescue efforts, and managed to save many trapped citizens while also stopping several looters.


  • Its name is a reference to the coat of arms of Bohemia, which has been using the image of a silver double-tailed lion ever since the Middle Ages.
  • It is the only campaign in ArmA 2 to feature a time skip, jumping two years after the mission Fireworks to the "present day", which take place shortly after the events of Operation Crimson Lance.
    • For the final mission of Silver Lion, the campaign temporarily reverts two years prior to before the campaign's starting mission (War Criminal).
  • Despite being the protagonist, the player does not actually control Kouba for the entirety of the campaign and swaps to different characters for the missions between Windstorm and Thunderstorm.
  • With the exception of Radayev's capture, almost none of Silver Lion's events are referenced in later games or official material. As a result, it remains as one of the most obscure campaigns to date in the whole series.

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