Situation Normal
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Mission Description

Situation Normal is the second playable mission in ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


The player controls U.S. Army infantryman Corporal Ben Kerry. Staff Sergeant Adams has decided that their best course of action is to maintain a low profile while awaiting for news from the rest of the task force. After two hours pass and they receive no word from other survivors, the duo move out on their own, venturing into the hostile AAF-controlled forests of Stratis...

Kerry's role/class:

  • Infantry / Rifleman

Default loadout:

  • Primary weapon: Weapon from previous mission
  • Secondary weapon: Weapon from previous mission
  • Equipment: Equipment from previous mission
  • Backpack: Backpack from previous mission

There are no alternate pieces of equipment or backpacks to choose from.



  • (1) Link Up with Bravo
  • (2) Move to the Rendezvous


  • (3) Link Up with Bravo


  • Kerry must survive
  • Avoid collateral damage/friendly fire
  • Remain within the combat area


Primary 1: Link Up with Bravo

Initially, this won't be an attainable objective. You won't be assigned with this task until you're about one minute into the mission, so don't worry too much about it for now.

Just continue following SSgt. Adams deeper into the forest. When Adams finishes his radio conversation with Sgt. Lacey, stop following him and wait for the Sergeant to move up. He'll eventually die after walking right on top of a mine.

Raid his corpse for weapons and gear while the radio dialogue continues. Exchange your own MX rifle for his grenade launcher-fitted variant and grab a few spare magazines/HE grenade rounds as well. If you haven't already suited Kerry up with a better vest and/or helmet, now's your chance to do so. Salvage Adams' plate carrier and Enhanced Combat Helmet; it's not like he'll be needing them anyway.

If you were oblivious to the previous advice about NOT sticking close to Adams, then you'll most likely be injured at this point in time as well. Take Adams' First Aid Kit and heal yourself. You won't be fully recovered from your wound(s) but it'll do for now until you get proper medical attention.

Check your map and head straight to coordinates 043-043. Do not continue going through the forest directly in front of you or you'll become worm food just like Adams. Leave the forest through the clearing to the south-west, you should see a rolling hill and the dome of Air Station Mike-26 in the distance.

Be careful when moving up the ridgeline. An AAF patrol is on standby just across the second hill (in the direction of Mike-26) and are looking your way. Remain prone and slowly crawl up through while using the bushes for cover. From here on out, you have two options to reach the rendezvous point safely:

  • Engage the patrol
    • The patrol only consists of three isolated troopers who can be easily dealt with via one well-placed UGL round or a few bursts from your rifle. Prioritise eliminating the autorifleman first or else he'll make life difficult for you the longer he's left standing.
      • Do not delay in your attack; either kill them all in one go or don't bother attempting this strategy.
      • Otherwise, they can and will pin you down with suppressive fire. Flanking is not an option here as there is a much larger fireteam standing by at Mike-26 itself, who will eventually respond to your actions if they get alerted.
  • Sneak past the patrol
    • Takes a bit more longer but avoids combat completely. The patrol will constantly watch the ridgeline but can be bypassed by going further north instead.
      • Keep a low profile by crawling slowly (avoid the temptation to sprint or increase your crawling speed). Make good use of the trees and rocks for concealment and do not attempt to go across the dirt road until you are within sprinting distance.
      • Be careful not to go too far north or you'll hit the mission "boundary" and fail the mission.

Regardless of the method you chose, once you link up with Lacey's team of survivors at the brick two-storey house you'll complete the objective.

Primary 2: Move to the Rendezvous

You're now joined up with Lacey's fireteam. You will be heading into another forest further to the south-west to meet up with the British SOF team. Fortunately you're not alone any more and will have Lacey's fireteam backing you up all the way. If you are still injured from the mine blast, don't forget to request for a heal from the the combat life saver.

This part of the mission is quite straightforward and doesn't require much guidance. You will however, be running into three enemy fireteams' worth of AAF troopers. Be sure to take out the team leaders and grenadiers first to stop them from shelling you with their UGLs. The rest carry either their regular weapons or SMGs and don't pose much of a threat. Take cover behind rocks whenever possible and don't peek out of trees unless you're ready to shoot.

When your team is finally close to the RV point with the British operatives, you should run into a disabled MRAP with two dead troopers nearby. If you didn't manage to salvage a backpack earlier, you can grab one off the AT rifleman. You can also opt to take his missile launcher as well if you wish.

Once you meet up with the operatives, the objective and mission will be complete.

Optional 3: Link Up with Bravo

This objective actually runs concurrently with the first primary one. It is not required for Kerry to link up with Lacey's team of survivors. You can either run out of time (Lacey will alert you once you reach the five and one minute marks) or just run past them entirely.

Doing so will skip the second half of the mission where you have to wait for Lacey's team to move through the forest. Instead, they will move out on their own and leave Kerry to meet up with the UKSF operators by himself.

There is no difference to this objective's requirements aside from the dialogue being different, as only Kerry will be present at the rendezvous point. Just remember that you do still have to go through the forest; only you won't have Lacey's team backing you up this time so be careful.


  • Just like Adams from the previous mission, Lacey is completely invincible for the rest of Situation Normal and cannot be killed. Only his subordinates (and Kerry obviously) are vulnerable to damage.
    • Don't waste your time trying to "protect" him; take advantage of Lacey being a free bullet magnet and use the opportunity to eliminate troopers shooting at him.
  • It's in your best interests to keep the combat life saver alive. The other team members are expendable, but the CLS isn't since he's the only one who can heal Kerry to full health.


  • Situation Normal provides the first hints regarding the British Captain's duplicity; his lies about him and his team being operatives from the British Royal Navy. All British forces had already pulled out of Stratis months prior to the AAF attack.
    • With all high-ranking NATO officials conveniently removed and given the desperation of their situation, there was no way for any of the American soldiers left amongst TF Aegis to validate the Captain's identity.
    • If you stand close enough to Adams when he steps on the landmine you will experience a bright flash of white light and your ears will ring which does not happen outside of this mission if you happen to be near someone who triggers a landmine.

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