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Smith was a minor character in ArmA 3's The East Wind campaign.


A member of NATO's Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG), Smith was subordinate to Lieutenant James of Group 14 and served as a marksman. He went by the radio callsign of Ice-2.

As part of Group 14, his primary task was to support resistance groups on the island nation of the Republic of Altis and Stratis. However, Smith's true mission was the retrieval of a CSAT weapon of mass destruction known only by its codename of "Project Eastwind".

The East Wind (2035)

Personally led by Group 14's commander, Captain Scott Miller, Group 14 split from the main force on Altis and boarded helicopter headed towards the smaller island of Stratis. Shortly after their arrival at the disused Camp Maxwell, the Altis Armed Forces launch a "counterattack" against the peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis.

Miller notified members of TF Aegis over the radio and urged them to rally at Maxwell. Additionally, he sent James' team to gather the scattered survivors. They explained to the survivors that they were special forces from the Royal Navy, and the survivors were split into three squads: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, along with James leading a fourth designated as Delta. Together, they would launch coordinated raids against the AAF.

During the attack on Air Station Mike-26, Smith's team fooled the survivors into thinking that the communications equipment was beyond repair. To prevent the AAF from gaining access to its equipment the facility had to be demolished. In reality, Smith's team intended to destroy Mike-26 to stop the survivors from calling for reinforcements..

Despite their efforts, the mission on Stratis had not gone completely according to plan. With ever-increasing scrutiny from the AAF and time running short, Group 14 made preparations to return to the mainland. Smith's team had succeeded in salvaging two boats and sent TF Aegis' remaining members on (essentially) a suicide mission to seize the harbour town of Agia Marina. In the process, the survivors would be eliminated and their cover would be maintained.

Though most were cut down by CSAT reinforcements, a few of the survivors had managed to escape the carnage and reached the boats. They headed straight for the mainland of Altis to link up with the rest of Group 14. However, two AAF jets intercepted the boats and capsized both vessels.

Fortunately for Smith and the rest of Group 14, they had managed to survive the airstrike. Having returned to Altis, they continued their primary task of search for Project Eastwind while assisting the guerillas in several raids. One day after returning, Smith's team stayed on the outskirts of the former capital Kavala to monitor the AAF's counterinsurgency operation, while James and Radcliffe broke off to move to a hidden overwatch position. Later that evening, the duo surprisingly stumbled into a TF Aegis survivor named Ben Kerry. They notified Smith of their discovery on the way back and told them to watch their fire.

« Falcon, I don't think that helo's holding in a patrol pattern anymore!
Smith alerts the trio to the CSAT helicopter

However, a helicopter patrol detected them on the way back and moved in to unload its troops. Radcliffe moved to regroup with Smith while James would escort the American to meet up with their FIA contact, Kostas Stavrou. Together, they fought off the patrol and returned to the FIA encampment at Bomos several hours later.

On August 10th, Group 14 finally located the research facility where Eastwind was being developed, though they also realised that it was too well-protected to attack head on.


Despite having discovered Eastwind, Group 14 didn't have much time left as a NATO invasion force was inbound in response to TF Aegis' loss. If the invasion succeeded, their cover would be blown and the entire operation would end in shambles.

Miller succeeded in sabotaging the invasion but it had only bought them a scant seventy hours. However, the CSAT scientists at the facility were already readying to ship Eastwind out of the country and Group 14 had no time left to wait with NATO forces closing in. Group 14 was left with no option other than to assault the facility now. Led by James, Smith and most of Group 14 charged into the facility and struck it from multiple sides.

Unfortunately, Smith was unable to complete his objective and was killed after suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Of the assault team members he was the closest to reaching Eastwind, dying only a few metres away from the primary dome's entrance.

Personality and Appearance

A white male, Smith had messy dark brown hair and a lightly shaved beard. He wore an undershirt with Arid Dazzle combat pants along with a snakeskin-camouflaged plate carrier.

Whilst acting undercover as a guerilla fighter, he adopted the attire of an FIA officer consisting of a Digital Green-camouflaged uniform with a shemag wrapped around the neck and a woodland camouflaged ballistic-resistant vest. He eschewed helmets and always preferred to wear a black watchcap with a headset even when undercover.

Smith was a level-headed individual, as seen when he spotted an enemy helicopter and alongside his team, calmly eliminated the occupants. At base, he could generally be found resting at either the armoury or speaking with Miller.


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