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The Solnichniy Quarry Corporation is a privately-owned Chernarussian mining company.


Based at the seaside village of Solnichniy, South Zagoria Province, the Solnichniy Quarry Corporation owns and operates the local quarry.



One of the company's employees, a man by the name of Gregori Lopotev (better known as Andrey), organised and formed a pseudo-union called the "Working Man's Defence Alliance". It was immensely popular amongst the miners but was not officially recognised by the company.


Under Lopotev's direction, members of the WMDA carried out an unauthorised protest - supposedly over pay and working conditions. The quarry's owners called upon security forces to suppress the protest, but it quickly spiralled out of control and led to violence.

In the ensuing chaos, at least three miners were killed and an unconfirmed number suffered minor to severe injuries (figures vary between the tens to almost a hundred). The remainder were arrested by the police, though Lopotev himself was not taken into custody.



  • It was introduced as an Armaverse company in ArmA 2.
  • By 2009, it appears that the company's management is under the ChDKZ's influence (to a certain degree) given that the insurgents can force the mine to close even on busy working days.

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