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The Soviet occupation of Nogova (1982) was an invasion of the Independent Republic of Nogova by the Soviet Union. It lasted for a total of thirty six days.


After years of economic liberalisation under the incumbent Nogovan leader, President Novak, Vice Premier Ostrovsky of the Nogovan Communist Party resigns from the government on August 21st, 1982, in protest against what the party saw as Nogova "devolving into a capitalist regime of corruption and unemployment".

However, Ostrovsky's true intent was to hold a meeting with the leader of the Soviet Union, General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev. In their discussions at the capital Moscow, he appealed for overt military assistance from the Soviet leader to overthrow Novak's government.

Mere hours after the meeting's conclusion, troops based on the nearby Soviet-controlled territory of Kolgujev were dispatched to "liberate" the country. Led by Colonel Aleksei Guba, their official mission was to establish Socialist order and to prevent the country from being "corrupted" any further by capitalist ideals.

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Later stages



The remaining Soviets laid down their arms and peacefully surrendered to the guerillas. They were subsequently rounded up and taken into custody by Partisan fighters. However, Col. Guba himself could not be found during the final stages of the attack as he had already fled from the country and returned to the Soviet Union.

For the nation itself, the enormous task of rebuilding the wartorn country fell onto the shoulders of the newly-reformed civilian government. Many victims of the Soviets were still missing and unaccounted for, and the fates of many more would never be known.

Outside of Nogova, relations between the Warsaw Pact and NATO would remain tense as the Kremlin continued to rebuke all criticism of its occupation. NATO leaders authorised the immediate reinforcement of the garrison on Malden. A separate garrison would also be eventually established on Everon to serve as a bulwark against any future aggression from the Soviets.

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