« Nah, mate. It ain't about that. Our government's got a lotta vested interests. If that Colonel and his army remain in power it ain't gonna be business as usual, y'know?
Donald Snowe

Donald Snowe is a minor character in ArmA 3's Beyond Hope mini-campaign.


Snowe is a member of NATO's highly-secretive Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG) black ops unit.

He serves as one of Group 14's scouts, reconnoitring targets before and during missions for the other members of Falcon (led by Colour Sergeant James).

He goes by the codename and radio callsign of Sparrowhawk.

Beyond Hope (2026)

Civil war has broken out on the island nation of the Republic of Altis and Stratis. Rogue officers in the military, led by an ambitious officer named Georgious Akhanteros, have mutinied and overthrown the civilian government.

They have unilaterally claimed leadership of the country under their ruthless regime, but are being challenged by the Government Loyalists - a mixture of military defectors, former civilian officials and various anti-Akhanteros groups.

In the midst of this struggle, Snowe and the members of CTRG Group 14 have secretly backed the Loyalists from behind the scenes.

They helped smuggled large quantities of (albeit outdated) arms and equipment to the Loyalists, though not all of the Loyalists were pleased to see his team or want their aid.

Irrespective of their personal opinions, Snowe and Group 14 continued to offer support for the Loyalist cause. During the Battle for Orino, Snowe's team helped recover wounded fighters and warned Loyalist command of incoming rebel armour.

In the Battle of Galati, Snowe continued to recon the outskirts of Syrta, alerting the Loyalists to incoming reinforcements and helping to intercept rebel convoys.

Personality and Appearance

A white male with short black hair, Snowe wears the standard attire of all Group 14 members, consisting of their Dazzle-camouflaged combat uniforms and a plate carrier vest.

For facewear, he always wears a dark green bandanna to conceal his identity, and opts to don a baseball-style cap with a headset. To maintain cover like the rest of Group 14, his shoulder and vest flag patch bears a subdued Union Jack.

Snowe appears to be a blunt individual and by his own admission, essentially admits that Group 14's assistance was only being provided to the Loyalists to keep things "business as usual". Given his team's true objective however, it's not truly known whether his stated intentions are a cover for Miller's operations, or if Snowe truly desired a return of the status quo.


  • Snowe is the first CTRG operative (at least amongst the members of Group 14) to not hold a commission or the rank of Sergeant.
  • His full name is only shown in the subtitles; outside of them, he is always referred to by his callsign.

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