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Spectrum Device
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png NATO
Type EMSPEC Tool
Mass 5

The Spectrum Device is a handheld electromagnetic manipulation tool used by NATO forces in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Contact DLC.


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Contact expansion pack.

Originally developed for private security industries, the Spectrum Device is a small handheld transceiver with an electromagnetic spectrum analyser. Its standard grip is designed to fit a range of directional antennas with varying frequency ranges.

One common use for these devices is for jamming drones. When fitted with other antennas however, it allows the operator to receive and identify a myriad of signals, as well as to record and transmit them.

An integrated screen lets users tune to desired frequency bands, but also analyse the strength and quality of signals. Several extra features have been added to the device's firmware after initial manufacturing and field feedback, including a compass and other useful navigation aids. Not originally incorporated into the grip, night use is sometimes facilitated by jerry-rigging a weapon-mounted torch/flashlight onto it.


The Spectrum Device does not feature standalone variants. Rather, it is modified by switching between three types of antennas that can pick up signals at specific wavelength ranges.

All three antennas weigh a "mass" of 6 units apiece. Only one antenna may be attached at any given time:

Receives and transmits specifically at a frequency of 433 MHz. Blocks control signals used by drones.

Receives and transmits at frequencies of between 78-89 MHz. Can be used to record and broadcast spoofed radio transmissions.

Receives and transmits at frequencies between 390-500 MHz. Useful for jamming autonomous devices and "communicating" with unknown entities.


  • It is specifically produced by a German Armaverse company named Kaiserkom GmbH.
  • The Spectrum Device is purely cosmetic outside of the First Contact campaign and is not functional in regular, unscripted gameplay.
  • It is the first non-lethal handheld "sidearm" in the series that isn't a flare gun.


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