Faction - NATO
Type Light Patrol Vessel
Seats 11 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 1× Commander
  • 1× Rear Gunner
  • 8× Passengers
Item capacity Max: 500 mass
  • 10× Weapons
  • 100× Magazines
  • 5× Backpacks
Top speed ~ 74 km/h
Fuel capacity 30 L
Primary armament All variants:
  • 1× Remote RCWS 40 mm GMG

NATO/AAF variant:

  • 1× Minigun 6.5 mm

CSAT variant:

  • 1× Mk30 HMG .50
Secondary armament Defensive:
  • 1× Smoke Generator
Variants Speedboat Minigun, Speedboat HMG

The Speedboat is a light patrol vessel that is universally employed by NATO, CSAT, and the AAF in ArmA 3


  • Roles:
    • Coastguard
    • Special operations transport
« This V shaped boat with two powerful jet impellers excels in speed and maneuverability. It is used by both BLUFOR and OPFOR as a coastline guard boat and for special operations. The speedboat has a front-facing, remote controlled GMG turret. The OPFOR version is commonly equipped with a HMG in the rear, while BLUFOR speedboats are armed with a minigun.
Field Manual


The Speedboat is a compact, twin-engined boat that uses a V-shaped hull.

It is fitted with a forward-mounted RCWS turret that is armed with a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. Controlled by the boat's commander, this RCWS comes pre-loaded with a single 200 round belt of high-explosive 40mm grenades.

The Speedboat provides NATO naval forces and CSAT special operations units the ability to insert and extract on coastlines, and to patrol/perform maritime interdiction against enemy forces.

Though it is too heavy to be lifted by smaller helicopters such as the WY-55 or the MH-9, Speedboats can still be airlifted via slingloading with either the Huron or Mi-290 heavy-lift helicopters.

NATO's USS Liberty destroyer-class ship is also capable of storing and deploying Speedboats. They can be lowered/raised from the vessel through the entryways located on both the port and starboard sides of the ship via its internal boat racks.

The hull's sleek design enables to it glide through the water with little resistance. It has very good handling and can make sharp turns in the water without needing too much space to manoeuvre.

It should be noted that the Speedboat relies heavily on both its speed and agility to avoid incoming fire, given that it provides minimal protection for its passengers and crew since it is an open-top boat after all. Prolonged contact against land-based threats should always be avoided unless absolutely necessary, as the Speedboat will not survive long under heavy fire.

Crew Capacity
Regardless of faction, all variants can transport the same amount of troops and crew. The crew includes the driver, the commander (who doubles as a gunner) and the rear gunner. Up to eight passengers can either sit in the rear and front, or stand up while holding handlebars located on the port and starboard sides of the boat.


All faction variants have access to the same camouflage options:

  • Dazzle: Two-tone grey dazzle pattern camouflage scheme used by NATO/CTRG forces.
  • Hex: Light/dark grey/tan cell pattern camouflage used by CSAT maritime vessels and divers.
  • Digital Grey: Digitised semi-fractal camouflage pattern used by several other AAF aircraft and boats.


Used by NATO and AAF forces.

The commander's front mounted GMG turret is loaded with a single 200-round belt of 40 mm grenades, while the rear gunner has access to a minigun that has 2,000 rounds of 6.5 mm ammunition.

CSAT variant.

It is functionally identical to the NATO/AAF variant, and shares the same front-mounted GMG turret. The sole difference is that this variant has the rear gunner use a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun instead.

The HMG has a single box of 200 rounds of 12.7 mm ammunition loaded, with additional boxes stored in reserve totalling up to 400 rounds.


  • The Speedboat appears to be a futuristic rendition of the real-life "Small Unit Riverine Craft" manufactured by Raytheon Naval & Maritime Integrated Systems.
    • The SURC is primarily utilised by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps as a patrol boat, though it can also act in a fire support capacity for ground forces operating in littoral/riverine environments.


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