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« Starter pistol is a revolver commonly used to start competitive races. Only the sound of the shot is used as the starting signal. This pistol uses flares, and a cloud of smoke can be seen when the gun goes off.
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The Starter Pistol.

The Starter Pistol is a 10 mm flare gun used by Altian racing marshals in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Karts DLC.


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The Starter Pistol is a double-action revolver chambered to fire 10 mm signal flare slugs.

It loads from 6-round cylinders and has both a fire rate and muzzle velocity of 240 rounds per minute/240 m/s. The Starter Pistol does not support being fitted with any accessories or muzzle attachments.

Designed solely as a non-combat weapon, the Starter Pistol can launch either red or green (harmless) short-range signal flares into the air to mark the start of racing matches. Or alternately, it can also serve as a way of marking locations for friendly forces to see as an improvised flare gun in emergencies.



The Starter Pistol does not provide the user with a pair of ironsights. It cannot be manually zeroed.


Flare duration (seconds) Initial velocity (m/s) No. of flares
10 240 3

Both red and green flares are identical aside from their colours. They have a weight of 12 "mass" each:

6Rnd Signal Cylinder (Red)[]


Pale red coloured flare. The dummy shell will split into three individual and smaller flares 0.9 seconds after being launched.

6Rnd Signal Cylinder (Green)[]


Light green coloured flare. Functionality identical to red flares.


  • The Starter Pistol appears to be based on the real-world "Judge" revolver manufactured by Taurus International Manufacturing Incorporated.
    • Unlike its in-game counterpart, however, the real Judge is chambered to fire a variety of (lethal) revolver and shotshell rounds ranging from .45 Colt to .410 bore rounds.[1]
  • Along with the Zubr, it is currently one of the only two revolvers that are available in ArmA 3 (excluding those from third party-developed Creator DLCs).
  • Prior to Game Update 1.32, the Starter Pistol lacked a reloading sound and would remain completely silent.[2]
  • The engraving on the side of the frame states that the Starter Pistol was made in a country named "LAZBIR" which is an obvious scrambling of "BRAZIL", referencing the real Starter Pistol's origins.



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