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Stephen Kulansky is a minor character in ArmA 3's Stepping Stone mini-campaign.


Kulansky is a combat medic in the U.S. Army's 21st Brigade Combat Team (21st BCT).

He is subordinate to team leader Sergeant John Sturrock, and operates under the team's radio callsign of Pariah.

Stepping Stone (2035)

Responding to the unprovoked attack on the peacekeepers of Task Force Aegis, NATO MEDCOM has authorised the immediate deployment of the brigade to counter the Altian government's act of aggression.

Before the invasion of Altis can commence however, the strategic microstate of Malden controls vital air corridors between the Straits of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea.

With Malden under CSAT influence, the risk of the invasion failing was too high without the guarantee of air superiority. There was only one option for the task force: invading the island to secure its airbases for the U.S. Navy's 6th Fleet to sail through safely.

As the carrier battlegroup positioned itself within striking distance of Malden, Kulansky's reconnaissance fireteam under the command of Sgt. John Sturrock were assigned with the task of neutralising key North African defences.

Their first target was a firebase located north of Cancon. Satellite imagery had confirmed that mortars were being used to provide fire support for the garrison in the city. It had to be taken out before the main ground assault was to commence.

Once Kulansky's team infiltrated the firebase, they confirmed that the North Africans were using trucks to move around, having mounted their mortars onto the rear of the flatbed as an improvised platform. They quickly silenced the crews, their escorts, destroyed the mortars, and prepared to exfiltrate.

Before they could retreat however, they were diverted to scout the nearby grove where there were supposedly unconfirmed sightings of a platoon-sized tank formation. But upon scouting the place, they only found rusted hulks of tanks and IFVs that dated back to the Cold War.

« Kulansky: Hey, Sturrock. Any idea what the fuck is going on? I mean - y'know, are we at war with CSAT now or what?
Sturrock: Yeah and no... maybe.

As morning turned to noon, Kulansky's team were ordered to move further north. The town of Houdan had been heavily fortified with anti-tank launchers, and they were tasked with eliminating the crews before giving the all-clear for ground forces to move in. Along the way, Kulansky's team luckily managed to discover a camouflaged tank hidden in the nearby forest.

Sgt. Sturrock directed a fire mission on the tank, quickly destroying it and their guards. With all the threats neutralised, Kulansky's team linked up with allied ground forces and in less than an hour, succeeded in taking over the town.

While making their way into Houdan, they were diverted to the church to restrain a CSAT officer who had surrendered. His team managed to overhear the officer gloating in French that a massive wave of reinforcements were inbound to ambush unsuspecting allied troops, which Sgt. Sturrock quickly relayed back to headquarters.

Thanks to his team's early warning, an armed drone was dispatched to support the ground troops moving into Dourdan. The drone destroyed most of the incoming North African tanks, and Kulansky's team subsequently boarded the truck that arrived to collect the officer back to base.

Personality and Appearance

Kulansky is an African-American male with a shaved head and face. He only wears a light green/white undershirt with MTP-camouflaged pants and a ranger green-coloured plate carrier for chest protection. For headgear, he only wears a Light Combat Helmet (LCH).


  • Curiously, Kulansky does not make an appearance in Steel Pegasus and can only be seen for the events of Stepping Stone.

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