Stepping Stone is a singleplayer mini-campaign/scenario that takes place on Malden. It was added with the release of the Tac-Ops DLC.



Carrier Strike Group 14 commences its attack on Malden.

Taking place at the height of the events of The East Wind, NATO forces led by the U.S. Navy's 6th Fleet begin sailing east towards the island nation of the Republic of Altis and Stratis in response to the AAF surprise attack against Task Force Aegis.

However before the operation to invade Altis can properly commence and to ensure that the invasion will not fail, NATO forces must first obtain air superiority over the Gibraltar Straits. To that end, the 6th Fleet must first seize the strategic island of Malden.

The operation is initially met with mixed reception from CSAT. While the Chinese forces based on the island remain neutral and as a sign of goodwill, even allow NATO observers to monitor the airbase north of Saint Louis, the North African Scimitar Regiment refuses to comply and remain hostile.


In order to drive out the North African garrison, U.S.-led NATO forces based in Le Port launch a ground offensive against the city of Chapoi located to the west. They successfully eliminate all resistance and proceed to strike at key locations scattered throughout the outskirts of the city, including a casualty collection point, a fuel depot, and several other outposts. Finally, they manage to seize the harbour south of Cancon while also fighting off a mechanised CSAT counteroffensive.

With Chapoi and the southern half of the island now secured, NATO forces begin pushing north towards La Trinite in order to deal a finishing blow to CSAT forces. They first move to attack the MSR at Houdan in order to cut off their supply lines, and then proceed to cautiously strike La Trinite itself.


Wary of Chinese air support, NATO forces cautiously continue pushing north.

While NATO forces continue to push forward towards the heavily defended city of Dourdan to the south first, they remain wary of the Chinese getting involved and potentially widening the scope of the conflict.

To their relief however, the Chinese government denies any official involvement in the fighting and that despite the conduct of its North African members, remains adamant that CSAT is not at war with NATO. To that end, they refuse to provide air support for the North Africans, essentially giving a green light for the offensive to continue.


They come up against heavy resistance, even facing against a platoon of T-100s guarding the city as well as mechanised support. Although the odds were against them, the battle for Dourdan ultimately ends in a complete victory for NATO forces. The remainder of North African CSAT units in La Trinite proceed to surrender following their defeat, and relations with NATO normalise once again.

Despite having lost precious time, the 6th Fleet successfully enters the Mediterranean with full air superiority and proceeds with the invasion of Altis.


Fait Accompli (24th July, 2035)

« NATO forces strike strategic positions south of La Trinite. »

U.S.-led NATO forces move to seize key locations throughout Chapoi in the early morning. They swiftly take out the garrisoned Scimitar Regiment forces and take over most of the southern parts of the island.

Disintegration Point (24th July, 2035)

« Having captured Chapoi and Cancon, NATO push north for a final offensive. »

With Chapoi captured, NATO forces move north to seize the MSR used by CSAT at Hourdan, and fight a major battle against CSAT armoured forces in Dourdan just south of La Trinite. NATO forces prevail once more and the remainder of Scimitar Regiment surrender to the invaders.


  • This scenario marks the first appearance of the armed forces from CSAT member states other than Iran and China, the North African Scimitar Regiment.
    • Given their use of French and coupled with the proximity at which they are located to the Straits of Gibraltar where Malden is geographically located close by, Scimitar Regiment most likely comprises of either Tunisian, Algerian or Moroccan military forces.
    • This would also imply that those nations have become CSAT members in the Armaverse.

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