Steve Kaminski was a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign.


A member of USMC Force Recon callsign Sabre Team, Kaminski served as the fireteam's heavy gunner during the events of Operation Harvest Red.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

As civil war breaks out in the Green Sea nation of Chernarus, Kaminski's fire team is mobilised by the 27th MEU's GCE quartermaster.

Relocated to the MEU's lead ship, Sabre Team was briefed on their upcoming mission. In preparation for the main assault against the insurgent-controlled South Zagoria province, Sabre Team would be left responsible with demolishing supply dumps and other coastal defences.

Kaminski's team would be targeting the village of Mogilevka. His team managed to neutralise their primary target and proceeded to another stronghold further south at the base of Pik Kozlova. However, one of his team members were pinned down by the insurgents in the process and was compromised.

Fortunately another fire team, callsign Razor, was nearby to lend support. With their help, Kaminski's team member was able to flee after all targets were destroyed.

Later that day, he was one of the first members to breach the warehouse where the members of Razor were being held captive by the insurgents. He attempted to pursue after the fleeing ChDKZ leaders, but was too late to do so and returned empty handed.

One week later, Kaminski's team were relocated once more to FOB Manhattan, an outpost established further north of the region close to the border with the Russian Federation. From there, they continued their search for the fugitive insurgent leader.


However, when Chernarussian extremists carry out a terrorist attack in the Russian capital, the MEU's mandate is revoked and are forced to withdraw from the country within 48 hours.

Prior to departing, Captain Shaftoe assigns Kaminski's team with one final task. They were to bring back an insurgent defector who apparently held critical information related to the terrorist attacks. Kaminski's team quickly retrieved the man and brought him back to the FOB first, now waiting for Razor Team's members to return.

However, alongside the rest of Sabre, Kaminski is slain by a supposedly Russian special operations team led by a mysterious blond-haired man. He is first shot by the Russians, but later bleeds to death after being brutally stabbed in cold blood by the blond man.

Personality and Appearance

Kaminski was a Caucasian male with a partially bald head and black hair. On most deployments, he donned the basic attire of a Force Recon heavy gunner consisting of a Rhodesian Recon Vest (RRV) plate carrier with belt pouches, a MARPAT-camouflaged Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) uniform, as well as a woodland-camouflaged ILBE Assault Pack.

His normal headgear consisted of a MARPAT-camouflaged booniehat and headset, but wore a tan-coloured Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) and a customised RRV for direct assault missions.


  • He is nicknamed as "Kami-Kaze" by the other members of Sabre Team. Kamikaze (Kanji: 神風) is a Japanese term that literally translates into "divine wind".
  • Kaminski and the rest of the members of Sabre are the only named USMC characters shown wearing multiple kinds of clothing, the regular recon outfit and unique "assault" gear when the team breaches the warehouse with Razor in it.

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