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The Syndikat is an Independent faction in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.


« Positioned as a independent guerrilla faction, Syndikat is a local crime organization wtih deep roots on Tanoa. Made up of armed thugs and ex-paramilitaries, this new faction is involved in many illicit operations throughout the region, carrying mostly outdated weaponry such as AK's, RPG-7s, and Makarov pistol's.
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The Syndikat have expanded throughout Tanoa and other neighbouring regions around the Pacific. They mostly target Non-Government Organisation (NGO) run camps and anyone else that opposes them; particularly members of the Horizon Island's law enforcement agency.

The key leader that holds Syndikat together is Solomon Maru, also known by his alias as "Warlock". He was a former member of the failed "Red Tiger" coup which attempted to topple a North African government almost a decade prior to the events of Apex Protocol.

Though the exact composition of the Syndikat is not known, it is mentioned that it's a sizeable guerilla force that mostly consists of scattered insurgent groups operating in small cells directly under Warlock's control. The bulk of their forces mainly consist of anti-government paramilitary types mixed in with bandits, petty criminals, as well as drugs and weapon smugglers.


Following a major earthquake that struck many of the South Pacific island chains, Tanoa's small government police force would find itself in a escalating series of conflicts with Syndikat.

It initially began as a sizeable insurgent force that would strike from the depths of Tanoa's jungles, making it difficult for the Gendarmerie to hunt down. The movement quickly grew in size over time however, and would eventually prove to be too much for the now-outgunned Gendarmerie to handle. Prior to the beginning of the campaign, the organisation has already gained control over much of the western parts of Tanoa.

Events of Apex Protocol (2035)

The Syndikat are one of the main antagonist factions in the Apex Protocol campaign.

Post-Apex Protocol

The exposure of the 'Apex Protocol' documents revealed how CSAT members covertly supplied and assisted the Syndikat in undermining the sovereignty of the Horizon Islands government.

Though its fate is not elaborated on in the epilogue, Solomon Maru's death at the hands of CTRG, the loss of much of its manpower and high ranking members, combined with the destruction of the majority of their supply caches, would have presumably meant that the remnants of the organisation either disbanded it, or were eventually wiped out through joint efforts by NATO forces and the Gendarmerie.


Syndikat ambush

Syndikat members ambush a NATO convoy with an RPG-7.

The Syndikat rely on a variety of sources for their hardware, from arms smuggler rings in the South Pacific region, to supplies covertly provided by CSAT members.

The group's equipment ranges from outdated Soviet-era weapons such as AKM assault rifles, AKS-74U carbines, Makarov PM handguns, and RPG-7 rocket launchers, to even the latest in Russian small arms like the AK-12. With their main weapons primarily chambered in 7.62×39mm, this gives them a considerable firepower advantage against the Gendarmerie, who mostly rely on weapons that are only chambered in handgun calibres.

Regular guerrillas wear an assortment of civilian clothing and military fatigues, but the more experienced paramilitary troops (composed of former coup members) can be distinguished by their distinctive Tigerstripe-patterned uniforms.

With their origins as a drug-running Cartel, Syndikat have extensive supply lines that require fast vehicles capable of transporting their illegal cargo. They mostly rely small aircraft such as the Caesar BTT fixed-wing plane and M900 light helicopters. Ground vehicles range from the MB 4WD jeep as fast transport or light strike vehicles to commercial Vans and Trucks for larger infantry transport or smuggling vehicles. For waterborne travel they utilise RHIB vessels, which are suitable for sailing through the narrow waterways of Tanoa.

They lack heavy weapons such as mortars and rely more on their ability to melt back into the thick jungle, in order to avoid large-scale engagements against the Gendarmerie and NATO peacekeepers.


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