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Tactical Vest
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png NATO
Icon-side-blufor.png CTRG
Icon-side-blufor.png FIA
Icon-side-blufor.png Loyalists
Icon-side-redfor.png CSAT
Icon-side-greenfor.png AAF
Icon-side-greenfor.png Smugglers
Icon-side-greenfor.png Syndikat
Icon-side-greenfor.png L'Ensemble
Icon-side-greenfor.png LDF
Icon-side-neutral.png Civilians
Armour rating Level I
Mass 40
Storage capacity 100

The Tactical Vest is a ballistic-resistant vest worn by several BLUFOR, REDFOR and INDFOR factions in ArmA 3.


Commonly worn by vehicle/aircraft crews of NATO, CSAT, both the AAF and Livonian Defense Force and even CTRG operatives, the Tactical Vest provides basic protection against small arms fire. It weighs a "mass" of 40 and provides enough space for 100 units worth of ammunition/items.

Rated at only Level I protection standards, Tactical Vests cover most of the wearer's torso - ranging from their chest, diaphragm and abdomen. Each part has a base armour value of 8 and a 50% damage reduction modifier.

Tactical Vests offer only the bare minimum of protection from ballistic projectiles. At non-point blank ranges, the wearer may survive a hit from a 6.5 mm bullet with reduced velocity. Close-up however, the wearer will almost certainly suffer heavy damage or outright death.

They also do little to protect the wearer against harm from explosions, as no other part of the body - aside from the torso, is covered.



Tactical Vest (Gendarmerie)
Faction Icon-side-redfor.png Gendarmerie
Armour rating Level II
Mass 50
Storage capacity 100

Law enforcement version worn by the Horizon Islands' Gendarmerie. It was added with the release of the Apex expansion pack.

Unlike the standard variant, the Gendarmerie version is rated at Level II protection standards. Surface coverage of the torso is identical, but each of the three parts have base armour values of 12 instead (with a damage reduction modifier of 60%).

Carrying capacity has not been altered compared to regular Tactical Vests, but it is slightly heavier to wear as a consequence of its enhanced protection (weighing a "mass" of 50).


Tactical Vest (Police)
Faction Icon-side-neutral.png Civilians
Armour rating Level II
Mass 50
Storage capacity 100

Another law enforcement derivative, but specifically for Altian policemen.

The Police variant is statistically identical to the Gendarmerie version. It is also rated at Level II protection standards, and covers the user's chest, diaphragm and abdomen. Each part has a base armour value of 12 and a 60% damage reduction modifier.

It also has the same "mass" as the Gendarmerie vest of 50 units and an identical carry capacity of 100 units.


Tactical Vest (Stavrou)
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png FIA
Armour rating Level I
Mass 40
Storage capacity 100

Exclusively worn by FIA guerilla leader Kostas Stavrou. His version of the Tactical Vest is statistically identical to regular vests but always has a unique woodland camouflage pattern applied.


  • Brown: Mud brown colour scheme.
  • Black: Faded black colour scheme.
  • Blue (Police): Dark blue colour scheme with POLICE written on the back strap. Exclusive to the Police variant utilised by Altian law enforcement.
  • Blue (Gendarmerie): Medium blue colour scheme with GENDARMERIE written on the back strap and front-right pouch. Only used by Tanoan Gendarmerie officers.
  • Khaki: Khaki brown colour scheme.
  • Olive: Faded olive green colour scheme.
  • Woodland: Faded woodland camouflage pattern scheme with olive green-coloured straps. Unique to Kostas Stavrou's version of the Tactical Vest.


  • The Tactical Vest currently remains as the most ubiquitous vest in ArmA 3 - almost every faction has at least two or more units wearing some iteration of it.
  • Its model is oddly reused for NATO's Deck Crew Vest (the pouches are simply removed on the latter's model). Furthermore, the latter somehow retains higher protective qualities despite being clearly intended for non-combat roles.


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