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NOTE: This article is about the Takistan terrain in ArmA 2's Operation Arrowhead expansion pack. For the country of the same name, see Takistan.

The Takistan terrain, or more appropriately known as Central Takistan, is a playable terrain in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.



« The central Takistan is mountainous and undeveloped, with only larger settlement being the regional capital city of Zargabad located in the northern part of province. Majority of the settlements is concentrated in the irrigated "green zones" in the valleys.
Official ArmA 2: OA Website description

Steep valleys are hallmarks of the terrain in Central Takistan

A mountainous and relatively undeveloped region, Central Takistan is one of the largest provinces in the country.

Filled by rugged mountains and expansive sand deserts, most of the villages and towns are quite small and the arid conditions make much of the region inhospitable to humans. As a result, the majority of settlements are concentrated in the irrigated, so-called "Green Zones" in the centre and northern/southern sections where there is easy access to water.

Ironically, the hostile nature of the province (not to mention the abundance of bandits, anti-foreigner tribesmen and unexploded ordnance) has helped to preserve the sanctity of the region's flora and fauna. It could possibly take years - if not decades - before every part of the Central region could be fully explored and mapped.


Elevation map of the province.

Central Takistan comprises (mostly) of mountainous desert terrain covering a total landmass of approximately 164 square kilometres.

Areas in the upper-central and northern parts feature a combination of rolling sand dune hills and shallow bodies of water. Areas around these waterholes have especially fertile soil, forming clusters of the so-called "Green Zones" which are often covered by agricultural crops and amongst others, cannabis and poppy.

On the other hand, the mountain ranges of Silsila-ye Siah Kuh and Darre-ye Sabz cut through the southern and lower-central sections of the province. This results in a sharp transition to steep valleys and less foliage due to the scarcity of water.


A total of twenty eight known settlements exist throughout the Central region.

Of these, eight are considered to be towns while fifteen are predominately remote villages; often with little-to-no access via paved roads. The remaining five are defined as cities, though they are still relatively small-sized and are not on the same scale as the regional capital of Zargabad.

Settlements in Takistan
Cities BastamFeruz AbadGarmsarRasmanNagaraZargabad*
Towns AnarChak ChakChamanFalarLoy ManaraNurSakheZavarak
Villages ChardarakhtGospandiHuzrutimamImaratJazaJilavurKakaruKhushabLandayMulladostRavanayShamaliShukurkalaySultansafeTimurkalay
Military installations FOB ArizonaFOB JesterFOB RevolverFOB WhitewolfFOS Planck
* denotes settlements that are technically considered to be standalone terrains.

Points of interest

Throughout the Central region, numerous oil fields and refineries have been established under the auspices of the Takistani government.

The fields at Nagara, Par-e Siah and Loy Manara are the three largest known oil fields in the area, and contribute to more than half of the regional output.

The Naran Darre Pass is a narrow valley which stretches between the city of Bastam and terminates at the town of Loy Manara in the south.

Over the years, the Pass has gained a notorious reputation of being known by locals as the "Death Road" due to the high number of insurgent attacks by both regional tribesmen and pro-government militia.



  • Similar to ArmA 2's Chernarus map, the Takistan terrain does not represent the entirety of the Takistani nation. It only shows the central region of the country and even then, only half of its actual size.
  • The Takistan terrain is based on the Yakawlang region of Afghanistan.

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