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The Takistan Civil War (1988-1992) was a five year-long civil conflict fought between Takistani Royalists and Soviet-backed Socialists.


King Abu Khazrad Jaffudi served as the reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Takistan for more than 71 years.

Following the October Revolution in 1917, Takistan's geopolitical alignment shifted towards the West. While this change was supported by many tribes throughout the country, more opposed the Kingdom's unilateral shift westward.

Discontent eventually fomented into open rebellion, as the pro-Soviet factions within the country, led by Muhammad R. Aziz, banded together to overthrow the royal family in 1988.

The downfall of the incumbent monarchy as a result of the coup d'etat would lead to a second exile of the royal family.

Supporters of the royal family did not capitulate however, with the Royalists challenging the Socialists with the backing of the superpowers - the United States and the Soviet Union (respectively).

Early battles

Both superpowers provided support to retain strategic control over Takistan's abundant natural resources; particularly its vast crude oil and metal ore deposits.

Royalist forces were covertly assisted by American weapons shipments and financial aid. The Socialists were militarily-backed by the Soviet Union, all the while receiving a steady influx of Eastern-made hardware.

Later stages

Numerous defensive lines were built to protect the Socialist-controlled oil fields throughout the central regions of the country, to defend them against both Royalist and tribal raids.

Nonetheless, covert support from the Soviets ensured that the Socialists were eventually able to claim victory in 1992. What was left of the Royalist tribesmen and fighters were forced into hiding and were forced to scatter throughout the country.


The Socialists quickly exploited the nation's extensive crude oil reserves to expand and strengthen its state police and armed forces.

Numerous procurement programmes were initiated by Aziz to secure Socialist rule over the nation. Numerous SCUD ballistic missiles from the Soviet Union's successor state, the Russian Federation, were purchased alongside ongoing development programmes to fabricate chemical weapons.

Remnants of the Royalists were continually hunted over the following years. This continued oppression would ultimately set the stage for a second civil war to break out almost two decades later.

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