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The Takistani Republican Militia (often simply referred to as the Militia) is a REDFOR faction in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.


Essentially a fanatical paramilitary wing of the Army, Republican Militias consist of pro-government supporters from tribes all across Takistan. They answer to no one other than their great leader: hero of the Takistani Socialists, Colonel Aziz, who brought them victory in the revolution against the Royalist monarchy.

Under Aziz' direction, the Republican Militias enforce his government's rule throughout the remote regions of the country. Royalist remnants are constantly hunted down, and intellectuals who dare to question Aziz are quickly imprisoned for their defiance.

Post-Operation Arrowhead

Despite the Socialist regime's downfall, Republican Militias have continued to rally under their former leader and back remnants of the Army in their fight against the foreign invaders.

Though the militiamen are no longer as formidable as they once were under Aziz, Republican Militias continue to terrorise the country's citizens with numerous IED attacks against both New Takistani Army (NTA) troops and foreigners.


Camouflage patterns used by Republican Militias:
- Top-left: Six-Color Desert Pattern
- Top-right: ERDL
- Bottom-left: Desert Camouflage Pattern
- Bottom-right: Butan

Logistically backed by the government, the Republican Militias are equipped with a myriad of imported and pre-civil war equipment ranging from Belgian FAL rifles, Russian AK-74s, and even American-made M16A2s.

Whilst similar at first sight, militiamen always wear dark grey/black-coloured turbans, bandannas and camouflaged uniforms in stark contrast to their Royalist counterparts. On occasion, some bear symbols or markings to denote their rank and personal display of loyalty to Aziz.

Militias rely exclusively on the Army for air transportation and lack aviation assets of their own. Most groups also do not possess heavy vehicles and utilise all-terrain trucks, surplus armoured personnel carriers and motorbikes to patrol the countryside.

Armed vehicles are usually outfitted with either American or Russian 12.7 mm heavy machine guns, though some militia teams also utilise automatic grenade launchers to suppress hostile forces.



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* this sub-faction does not canonically exist within the main Armaverse timeline.