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« The truth is, we were only pretending to be drunk, Sir. Can't tell you more, the op's still classified.
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Terry Graves is a main character in ArmA 2's Operation Arrowhead campaign.


Graves is an operator from the U.S. Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D) unit.

Trained for direct action, reconnaissance and unconventional warfare, Graves serves as the team leader of callsign Gambler and is a highly skilled sharpshooter, preferring to wield his old but trusted M14 rifle on all of his missions.

While the details surrounding his career and past operations remain heavily classified, Graves used to serve with the U.S. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment prior to his transfer.

But in spite of being a highly elite operative, he maintains a close friendship with a few regular Army soldiers from the U.S.-led Task Force Knight; Howard Drake, Garry Pierce and Ben Herrera. The four often meet up after every mission and go drinking together when off-duty.

Operation Arrowhead (2012)


Personality and Appearance

A Caucasian male in his early thirties, Graves has a shaved head of hair, a sharp face, and dark eyes. He sports a lightly shaved beard, though he retains it only for when he's operating undercover.

Graves usually wears an Under Body Armour Combat Shirt (UBACS) adorned in the Army's UCP camouflage pattern with a khaki-coloured kufiyah around his neck, a ranger green Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV), and wears a sand-painted Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) for headgear. When maintaining his cover as a Takistani civilian on the other hand, he dons a simple dark grey and blue thawb along with a tan-coloured pakol.

At first glance, Graves appears to be rather unremarkable and simple person. When he's with his friends, he maintains a seemingly causal and playful down-to-earth attitude. But when on a mission, Graves suddenly displays a more professional, stricter and sharper side to him, very rarely showing any outbursts of emotion and remaining calm even when facing a dire situation.


  • Graves' nickname is "Gambler" which also serves as his radio callsign.
  • His profile on the official website strangely dubs him as "Carter", though Graves is never referred to as such in any of his in-game appearances.


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