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Terry Simpson is a minor character in ArmA 3's Steel Pegasus mini-campaign.


Simpson is a helicopter pilot attached to the U.S. Army's 21st Brigade Combat Team (21st BCT).

He went by the radio callsign of Firebrand.

Steel Pegasus (2035)

As part of Operation Steel Pegasus, Simpson's unit was assigned to provide escort for a flight of VTOLs headed for the eastern coast of Altis.

Taking off from the invasion forces' aircraft carrier, Simpson's gunship covered the transports to outskirts of the city Chalkeia.

However, the transports were unexpectedly ambushed by heavy anti-aircraft fire and incurred significant losses; Simpson's own gunship being amongst them. He crash landed south of the secondary landing zone, designated as LZ Mustang, but managed to survive the landing.

His co-pilot and gunner was not so fortunate however, and Simpson immediately attempted to revive the former with what medical supplies he had on hand.

The man retained a faint pulse but without proper medical training, Simpson could little but simply stabilise him while remaining alert for any nearby hostiles. He relayed a message on all channels in an attempt to call for help to his position as well.

« Any callsign- helo's down- Over. Sierra One-Four...relay to to address group: Guardian. Firebrand's moving north to the ERV at-
Simpson's frantic radio message

A few minutes passed but his unconscious co-pilot failed to show any signs of life. Just then, a soldier - having heard Simpson's message, arrives at the crash site and tries to help Simpson revive his co-pilot. Simultaneously, two AAF troopers also arrived onto the scene and opened fire on Simpson's position. The two Americans returned fire on the approaching troopers and quickly eliminated them after a brief firefight.

The soldier (who turned out to be a crewman named Corporal Louis Barklem) checked on his co-pilot but could clearly tell that Simpson's co-pilot was not going to survive the ordeal. Simpson chided the Corporal and pointed out that he had no medical training either, but knew inside that Barklem was right.

« Barklem: It's bad - like, real bad. He's not going to make it.
Simpson: Hey! You a doctor, asshole!?
Barklem: No, I'm not. And that's straight up. I'm sorry.
Simpson: Fuck!
Barklem checks on Simpson's co-pilot

With no reason to stay and more AAF likely prowling around, Simpson joined up with Barklem and moved out on foot.

They ran into another group of survivors; a medic desperately attempting to revive his fellow soldier but was being held at gunpoint by a patrol of AAF troopers. Simpson and Barklem quickly eliminated the troopers and rescued the two soldiers. They joined up with the ragtag duo and made their way towards the 21st's designated Emergency Rendezvous Point (ERV), hoping to link up with the other survivors (if there were any).

They soon arrived at the ERV and met up with the remaining members of the 21st. The sole surviving officer left amongst Mustang's force - Third Lieutenant Jeremy Collins, informed them about their situation. Collins also received a message from another member of the 21st; Sergeant John Sturrock, the leader of a reconnaissance element attached to the BCT.

Sturrock requested reinforcements from the ERV but Collins denied his request, as the ERV was also understrength and needed all the available men they had. Sturrock angrily warned Collins that if their position (overlooking the MSR) was overrun then the ERV itself would also fall soon after.

Barklem quietly volunteered to help Sturrock and Simpson (seeing as how he had no other unit to support anyway) tagged along. They arrived at Sturrock's position and relieved the pinned down defenders. Once their flank was cleared, Simpson's "fireteam" raced back to the ERV, which was now under heavy assault by the AAF. Simpson supported the defence and managed to drive back the attackers after a brief but fierce firefight.

As the sun rose, Simpson split off from Barklem's unit and stayed behind with the remnants of LZ Mustang while Barklem - having repaired a damaged IFV, cleared the path towards LZ Blazer to their north. Once the route was clear, Simpson joined the other survivors in moving out on foot to Blazer.

With the entire BCT now formally gathered (or rather, what was left of it), Simpson participated in the final attack against Chalkeia. They seized several critical targets but were almost overrun when a large AAF counterattack assault the city. Fortunately, NATO gunships had arrived and prevented the 21st from being routed at the last minute.

Post-Steel Pegasus

Simpson survived the battle and was able to return to the safety of NATO lines. Thanks to the 21st BCT's efforts, Chalkeia was now in the hands of NATO forces and the capital city, Pyrgos, fell under NATO control as well later that night.

Personality and Appearance

Simpson is an African-American male with a shaved head of hair. He dons the standard attire of NATO helicopter pilots, consisting of a black tactical vest, sage green coveralls and a black pilot helmet without the face shield attached.


  • Simpson's in-game unit strangely uses a British English radio protocol instead of American despite him obviously not being British.
  • Although Simpson presumably survives the events of Steel Pegasus alongside the other survivors of the 21st, he can be killed in LZ Nowhere if the player fails to reach the crash site in time before the AAF patrol gets to him first.
    • Unlike the other main characters in the 21st, Simpson's fate is not mentioned in the epilogue of Steel Pegasus regardless of his survival. However, he is counted in the casualty toll should he be killed in the first mission.

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