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« Gavras was his own man. Knew when to follow orders, and when to... adapt them.
IDAP field specialist Nathan MacDade remembering Maj. Gavras

Thanos Gavras is a supporting character in ArmA 3's Remnants of War campaign.


Gavras is the acting commander of the AAF's 3rd Support Regiment.

Under the new leadership of Colonel Georgious Akhanteros, Gavras was assigned to his current post with the 3rd SupRgt. due to his apparent lack of support for the new regime.

Throughout the course of his service, he continued to gain prominence within the ranks in spite of his supposed "disloyalty". He was deemed valuable enough for the AAF to dispatch extra support to rescue him from the most untenable and dire of situations.

Remnants of War (2035)

« So, when CSAT dropped their support? Government forces panicked. They were on the back foot - needed to regroup. Major Gavras was put in charge, but that was a tall order. Gavras tried to fortify their position in the north west. But, it was a risk - and he ended up cut off.
MacDade explaining the Major's past to AAN journalist Katherine Bishop

At the height of NATO's invasion of Altis, Gavras rallied the 3rd SupRgt. in the defence of his country.

However, the AAF were caught completely off-guard by NATO forces and were forced into disarray, with the invaders easily overwhelming the defenders in the west. With Kavala already having fallen to the invaders, what was left of the AAF began to retreat further east towards the airport.

Gavras' 3rd SupRgt. had hoped to buy time for the retreat by setting up a defensive position in the north - at the abandoned mountain village of Oreokastro. As predicted, the invaders immediately homed in onto their position and inflicted heavy losses on the regiment. Now cut-off completely and surrounded on all sides, Gavras attempted to evacuate his remaining forces but was unsuccessful; NATO aircraft shot down his remaining transports and ground forces - including guerillas - prevented any troops from escaping on foot.

« Like it or not, these mines represented their best - maybe only way - of making it out.

Out of options, Gavras pulled his subordinate, Lieutenant Kostas Dimitriou, along with him to the centre of the town to the church. He ordered Dimitriou to set up mine dispensers as traps at each of the entrances into the place. Gavras then took cover behind the altar and waited...for the inevitable arrival of their pursuers.

Though the mines had incapacitated several of their attackers, the others were undeterred and continued to push into the church. After several minutes of fierce fighting, Gavras and Dimitriou came out ahead and managed to survive somehow. Nonetheless, it wouldn't take long for more reinforcements to arrive - sooner rather than later. It was a hopeless situation.

« MacDade: Finally, the message came. A second helo was inbound.
Katherine: They dispatched another?
MacDade: Yeah - it was a risk, sure - but government forces were in free-fall and the Major was important. They just had to get to a different LZ, before reinforcements turned up and cut them off.

But as if on cue, Dimitriou received word from AAF command that a helicopter had been dispatched to Oreokastro and was inbound to their position. Amazed at their sudden stroke of luck, Gavras quickly made his way to the extraction point and boarded the helicopter (with Dimitriou in tow). He would then be informed that both he and Dimitriou were the sole survivors of the entire regiment. They were subsequently flown back to the capital Pyrgos for a debriefing later that day.

Over the course of the next few days, Gavras continued to assist in the war effort. He led the (failed) defence at the capital before taking charge of the garrison at the town of Kalochori in the country's north-east. His forces fiercely resisted against the NATO invaders, but were ultimately unable to hold the line and were forced to surrender when the AAF's remaining forces were defeated at Ioannina.

Post-Remnants of War

« Katherine: Talk to me about the Major. What happened when he returned? Did he survive the war?
MacDade: Yeah, he did. He's pretty much the reason NATO's invasion lasted three days instead of one. You heard about the fierce fighting at Kalochori, right?
Katherine: Yes, a colleague of mine covered that, actually.
MacDade: Well, that was Gavras. He held the line 'til the government capitulated. And now? Actually, he's involved in the peace process.
MacDade discusses Gavras' fate after the war

Following the AAF's capitulation, Gavras became a key figure in the post-war peace talks in spite of his relatively "junior" rank.

It remains unclear as to whether or not Gavras was able to retain his position after the war. Fortunately for him however, he is unlikely to face any criminal charges for his past activities (unlike most of his cohorts).

Personality and Appearance

A middle-aged Altian male, Gavras sported a medium brown moustache and a short, dark brown-coloured head of hair. He also has numerous scars running across his face.

Gavras' standard attire consisted of officer fatigues camouflaged in the AAF's Digital pattern with rolled-up sleeves. He eschews helmets for headgear, preferring a simple field cap with a headset and bandoleer for carrying equipment.

« Katherine: And, the Major, what sort of a man was he? Was he respected?
MacDade: Yeah. I mean, his reputation wasn't bloodied in the civil war.
MacDade discussing Gavras' past

An honourable and dedicated professional (unlike many of his subordinates and even some of his superiors), Gavras was never considered to have bloodied his hands, having refrained from any pro-government purges or executions. His inaction did alienate him from the rest of the senior AAF command, however.

Gavras was known to perform routine spot checks even at the distant Camp Daybreak. His dedication to his duties was unwavering even in the face of constant pressure from his comrades.

« Katherine: Not the type to violate LOAC, then?
MacDade: Well. That's, um, a grey area...

He is shown to be highly intelligent and courageous; able to maintain a wavering defence in spite of overwhelming odds. But while he wasn't the kind to dirty his hands with innocent blood willingly, Gavras would not and did not hesitate to resort to such means if it was deemed to be necessary.


  • The player will not fail the mission if Gavras dies in The Major after the defence sequence is completed and the extraction helicopter is about to arrive. However, the ending of the memory and MacDade's dialogue will subsequently change to reflect this outcome.


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