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Tom Larson is a main character in ArmA: Armed Assault's Royal Flush campaign.


Larson was formerly a member of the Royal Flush security team, comprised from a group of contractors from the Black Element private military company.

He served as the team's repairman/combat engineer.

Royal Flush (2007)

Under the command of team leader John Wicks, Larson and the rest of Royal Flush are hired by the newly-crowned Queen from the Kingdom of Sahrani. Their orders were neutralise a growing faction of insurgents based out of the country's northern provinces.

Not only were these insurgents threatening the stability of the Kingdom, but details emerged that the fighters were reportedly in the possession of biological weapons. Royal Flush were to retrieve the weapons and assist in quelling the uprising.

« Larson: Try to pick up 'Her Majesty!' She's a sure thing - blonde and she also has a nice rack.
Robinson: Great idea, Tom! So I will take Titsabella for my wife and claim the throne, and then I will appoint you Minister of Bedroom Affairs.
Larson's usual banter with Robinson on the Queen

Before moving in onto the main insurgent camp however, they were assigned to extract one of the Kingdom's agents who had been captured by the fighters.

Arriving by helicopter at a quarry in the north where the agent was last reported to be seen, Larson's team came under immediate fire from the insurgents. After a brief firefight and almost losing the agent, Larson and the rest of Royal Flush were able to retrieve the agent and obtain details on the precise location of the enemy camp.

The next day, Royal Flush zeroed in onto the insurgent camp and proceeded to eliminate its defenders one-by-one under the cover of darkness. Though some of the insurgents were able to flee during the chaos, Larson's team were largely successful in clearing the camp for the Kingdom's NBC specialists to move in.

Reporting back to their contact - the Kingdom's military Chancellor, the latter was unhappy to hear that survivors were able to escape. He immediately demands the mercenaries to pursue and eliminate the fleeing insurgents. Wicks refuses to comply with the shoot-on-sight order, but agrees to follow through with their new orders to stop the would be escapees.

After disabling the insurgents' vehicles, a confrontation unfolds during which it is revealed their target is in fact Crown Prince Orlando. The Prince had not actually been killed alongside his father as had been reported, and was working with the Northern insurgents to overthrow the new Queen's rule (his sister).

Feeling deceived, Larson and the others refuse to kill the Prince in spite of the Chancellor's angry demands for them to assassinate him (the latter having just arrived soon after). They return fire and kill both the Chancellor and his bodyguards, though Wicks was also shot and passed away soon after, handing over the reigns of leadership to fellow member and second-in-command Kurt Lambowski.

Vowing to help the Prince reclaim his rightful claim to the throne, Larson's team assist the guerillas in liberating two of the Kingdom's secret concentration camps. The camps held numerous ex-military and political opponents to the Queen; among them Raoul Gonzales, the Prince's former aide and personal advisor. Under Gonzales' advice, Larson's team plan to help the Prince carry out a publicity stunt by seizing the country's largest TV station.

Larson's team are able to clear out the station's defenders and even repel an attempted counterattack by the Queen's elite guards. Thanks to their efforts, the Prince is able to transmit his live broadcast to the entire country, sparking anti-government demonstrations all across the nation and demanding the Queen to renounce the throne. The Queen asks to "negotiate" with her brother for a deal; she would step down in exchange for amnesty and safety from prosecution. The Prince agrees and he heads out (alone) to the peace summit.

« Robinson: Did you hear that, Tom? The position of Minister of Bedroom Affairs is available afterall!
Larson: Yeah right. I would consider that a stellar career, to be stuck here in a bed!
Larson and Robinson joke about the Queen's impending "resignation"

Having succeeded with their contract, Larson and the rest of Royal Flush happily thought of what to do with their reward. Gonzales asked if they wished to stay for the coronation, but Lambowski insisted that their job was finished. The team had already booked a flight out of the country and was scheduled to depart the next day.

Before they could return to their hotel however, Gonzales rushed after Lambowski and pleaded for Royal Flush to help him one final time. His personal sources had confirmed that the Queen was planning to double-cross her brother at the summit. Lambowski was reluctant to get involved yet again, but was also unwilling to allow the Prince to walk into a potential trap.

« May I say something, sir! As long as the prince and the queen settled on a meeting without an entourage, we could very well jeopardize the prince's plans if we unexpectedly show up there. Isabella might see that as him breaking his word. She'd start shooting and if worse comes to worst we'd be blamed for that.

Larson interjected that the Prince had not asked for help from Royal Flush; interrupting the summit could jeopardise the talks and sabotage everything. Lambowski agreed with his assessment, and declined Gonzales' request. Larson's team returned to their hotel later that night for some rest, hoping to catch some sleep before their flight out tomorrow.


However, Gonzales returned later that night to meet with Larson's team and informed them of ill-news. As expected, the Queen had indeed set up her brother and succeeded in removing him. Furthermore, she had declared a state of martial law throughout the entire country and sooner rather than later, would also be sending men to deal with Royal Flush.

With time running short and Larson's team having become persona non grata, the mercenaries accelerated their departure plans. They agreed to meet up with Gonzales first thing in the morning before the Queen's troops could close their avenues of escape. Larson's team arrived on the outskirts of the international airport and began searching for a usable plane, while Gonzales waited by the terminal for them to give the all-clear.

Larson was able to find one fuelled craft and began boarding the plane. Lambowski called for Gonzales to rejoin them but failed to respond. With security forces alerted and closing in on their position, they had no choice but to leave immediately.

Though they were able to escape from Sahrani, their future is clouded in uncertainty as they are disavowed by Black Element and are wanted fugitives. What becomes of Larson or the rest of Royal Flush following the failed coup remains unclear.

Personality and Appearance

Larson is a Caucasian male with a completely greyed over head of hair. He sports a thick beard and always wears a beige-spotted red bandanna over his forehead (complete with black shades and earpiece).

He dons the same coyote brown Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) vest worn by his cohorts for personal protection, along with black-coloured fatigues and pants.

« You think that you wouldn't mind! Have you gone crazy! This is tough business. Without a contract we have no guarantee of anything. If we let our guard down now, they can stitch together god knows what - and what a great scandal that would be!

A cautious individual, Larson takes a careful approach to every situation no matter the seriousness of the situation. While his conservative attitude isn't entirely unjustified (in most cases), he ends up losing sight of the bigger picture and becomes more concerned with his own wellbeing rather than that of others.


  • In Spy, Larson reveals that in one of their previous contracts Royal Flush had caused the deaths of several civilians after opening fire on them by mistake.


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