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Toolkits are vehicle repair/explosive ordnance disposal items in ArmA 3.


Toolkit (ArmA 3)

Toolkits are carried by vehicle technicians, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) personnel and military engineers. They weigh a "mass" of 80 to carry.

Essentially the vehicle counterpart to the Medikit, Toolkits are used for a variety of purposes depending on the user's class and role:

  • For EOD personnel or sappers (i.e. Demo Specialists), equipping a Toolkit will allow them to disarm landmines and activated explosives. Simply approaching any device or Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) will prompt the Disarm X action to appear ("X" being the name of the munition).
    • Specific special operations units with EOD training are also capable of disarming explosives/landmines.
  • For repair specialists/technicians, possessing a Toolkit will enable the ability to partially perform field repairs on a damaged vehicle or a grounded helicopter/plane.
    • The amount of damage recovered is dependent on the level of severity prior to the repairs taking place. If the vehicle only incurred minor damage, most of the damage will be repaired instantly. However, a vehicle that has incurred more than 50% damage (or is at critical) will only have half of its integrity restored.
    • This extends to individual vehicle components such as vehicle tyres and tracks; they will be replaced, but do not retain 100% of their original "health" and have noticeable reductions to their performance/handling (i.e. poor grip on paved roads and difficulty climbing up hills with rough terrain).
    • Engines will have decreased power output. Any fuel or battery power drained before the repairs were applied will not be recovered.
    • Turrets and other non-mobility related components will suffer from minor deficiencies to their performance, though the weapons themselves are not affected.
  • Combat engineers/pioneers have no restrictions and can carry out both field repairs and disarmament of explosive devices.

Toolkits can be used to replace addon armour modules, whether that be slat cages or Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) blocks/panels. The vehicle itself is not required to be damaged.

It should be noted that Toolkits can be reused an unlimited number of times. The sole caveat is that the user must be either of the aforementioned classes; non-engineering personnel can carry the Toolkit but they cannot make use of its capabilities.


  • ArmA 3 is the first title in the series to feature Toolkits as an item. In prior games, specific infantry classes were able to perform repairs and disarm landmines/explosives without the need for a Toolkit.
  • The Toolkit's repair animation is amusingly shared with First Aid Kits/Medikits. As a result, the animation strangely depicts the user injecting a syringe into their thigh to repair a mechanical vehicle.
  • Following the release of Game Update 1.98, it is now possible to store Toolkits inside the user's vest (it was previously restricted to backpacks only).

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