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Faction Icon-side-neutral.png Civilians
Type Estate Car
Seats 4 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 3× Passengers
Item capacity Max:
  • 10× Weapons
  • 50× Magazines
Top speed ~ 76 km/h
Fuel capacity 50 fuel units
Primary armament None
Secondary armament None
Variants None

The Trabant is a two-door estate car driven by civilians in ArmA: Cold War Assault.


  • Role:
    • Civilian transportation
« The Trabant is the third-generation of a model that was first launched in 1958. For nearly 28 years, a total of 2,818,547 Trabants were manufactured at an assembly plant in East Germany.
Vehicle Description


The Trabant is a front wheel-drive, two-door vehicle with a composite body and independent suspension.

The Trabant is a common sight amongst the citizens of Nogova and Malden due to its ruggedness. With a squared and angular bodied-shape, the Trabant is a rather generic and plain-looking vehicle that doesn't have any distinguishing features compared to other cars.

But where the Trabant lacks in style and aesthetic, it more than makes up for in terms of functionality. As one of the more stable civilian vehicles, the Trabant is fairly reliable and perfect for driving around cities or from town-to-town on paved roads.

The Trabant has slightly better stability while driving off-road and while making turns compared to the lighter Small Car. However, it is much slower and is unable to accelerate as quickly as the Small Car or the Skoda.

Crew Capacity
The Trabant is able to support a driver and up to three more passengers.


The Trabant has just 1 point of armour plating.


  • As per its namesake, the in-game Trabant is modelled after its real-world counterpart of the same name; more specifically the 1980 model of the "Trabant 601" (also designated as the "P601") then manufactured by East Germany-based car manufacturer HQM Sachsenring GmbH.
  • The Trabant was not initially included as part of the default set of civilian cars in Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (the initial release name of Cold War Assault), and was only included after Patch 1.10 was released.


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