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NOTE: This article is about the CTRG Group 15 character from ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign. For the civilian vehicle of the same name (also in ArmA 3), see Truck.

Truck is a main character in ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign.


Truck is a member of the Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG), NATO's multi-national black ops unit.

He was assigned to CTRG's Group 15 - Team 1, callsigned as Raider 1.

Truck served as Raider 1's anti-tank gunner and demolitions specialist. He additionally went by the radio callsign of Raider 1-3.

Apex Protocol (2035)

With cover provided by the ongoing joint-NATO/Gendarmerie "Safe Horizon" exercises, Group 15 are able to infiltrate into the South Pacific nation of the Horizon Islands undetected.

Supported by a second team callsigned Raider 2, both Raider teams were officially dispatched to hunt down the warlord - given the codename of "Warlock", of a local insurgent group who called themselves the Syndikat.

Unofficially however, they were actually sent to locate the whereabouts of a package called "Keystone", who was vital to the success of their operation.

Deep within the enemy strongholds in southern Tanoa, Truck and fellow Raider 1 member Salvo scouted ahead first for signs of Keystone.

The other two members of Raider 1 - Riker and Grimm, later circled back to link up with Truck and Salvo, while the rest of Raider 2 continued deeper to raid nearby Syndikat outposts for intel. But despite destroying several caches, neither team succeeded in finding any solid information on Keystone or Warlock's location.

A local source who was identified under the codename of Blue Cap, alerted CTRG to a large Syndikat raid targeting a nearby village. The next morning, both Raider teams were dispatched to ambush the convoy. Truck was left responsible for hauling the explosives they would use to kick off the ambush to the rendezvous point while they waited for Raider 2 to arrive.

« Salvo: Hey, Truck.
Truck: What?
Salvo: He kinda looks like you. (points at one of Raider 2's team members)
Truck: Fuck off, Sal!
Truck and Salvo

Once Raider 2 joined up with them, both he, Riker and Salvo then moved into position near a bridge while waiting for Raider 2 to start the ambush. They helped box in the convoy and quickly destroyed it thereafter, with Truck setting off a batch of explosives to disable the vehicles.

In the hopes of luring Warlock out of hiding, Truck and the rest of the Raider teams then moved into the central areas of the main island to find Syndikat's contraband caches. Thanks to Blue Cap, Truck and the rest of the Raider teams are able to find and destroy every single one of the caches.

« That stuff looked high quality, Salvo. Maybe even CSAT. And higher ain't exactly waiting around to nuke it from orbit.
Truck notices the markings on Syndikat's caches

Blue Cap then provided new intel - this time on the location of Warlock himself who was hiding in a safehouse somewhere near the village of Namuvaka. Under the cover of darkness, Truck and the Raider teams zeroed in onto his location. Instead of Warlock however, they only discovered the badly beaten and cold corpse of Blue Cap.

The Raider teams were soon ambushed by an unknown group of what seemed to be Chinese special forces. Truck and the rest of Raider 1 narrowly survived their ambush intact, while Raider 2 are also successful in repelling the attackers. However, he was shot in the arm during the attack and had to apply several field dressings onto it.

Neither team had time to contemplate the origin of the attackers for now; solid intel had arrived on Keystone's location. Truck and the Raider teams quickly moved towards the safehouse and eliminated the insurgents guarding the building.

During the breach, Truck was the second member to move in but was shot in the chest. Fortunately, his plate carrier had taken the brunt of the hit and Truck was left mostly uninjured. He was still knocked onto the floor and worsened the condition in his arm.

« Grimm: And Truck? How you doing back there?
Truck: I'm good, I'm good. Hit my plate. Put me on my ass - but no real injuries.
Salvo: So what, Truck, you're like a bullet magnet these days?
Grimm checking on Truck's condition after retrieving Keystone

Their priority was to extract Keystone, who was revealed to be Captain Scott Miller of CTRG's Group 14, out of the area. Though both teams came under heavy assault by Syndikat, Truck and the others managed to get Capt. Miller out in one piece.

Miller then began briefing Group 15 on the intel he had retrieved before his imprisonment, and revealed the origins of the Chinese special forces operatives they were ambushed by (called "Viper Team") as well as details on CSAT's so-called "Apex Protocol" conspiracy.

Truck and the rest of the Raider teams, supported by Miller, then sailed by boat to Sosovu Island in the country's west. Viper had set up a command centre with a seismic weapon of mass destruction called "Eastwind" stashed there. They needed to quickly retrieve both it and details on the "Apex Protocol" before Viper could flee from the country.

Raiders 1 and 2 split off to search the island for the command centre, but only found numerous corpses of both Viper operatives and Syndikat; both sides having apparently turned on each other. Truck and the Raider teams eventually regrouped on Miller's position after the Captain discovered the command centre. They gathered extensive intel on the Apex Protocol but couldn't find a single trace of Eastwind's whereabouts.

News eventually comes in after CTRG SIGINT intercepts a message between Warlock and Viper. A deal was being arranged at the Blue Pearl Industrial Port on the main island's far north-east, where the two sides were planning to arrange a deal on Eastwind. Truck and the Raider teams rushed to the port's location to finish this once and for all.

Supported by Raider 2 and Miller, Truck and Raider 1 managed to assassinate the rogue leader and retrieved the disarm keys to stop Eastwind, which had already been primed by Warlock prior to his death. While Miller worked to disarm the device, Truck and the others set up a defensive perimeter to protect the Captain from Viper, who were now carrying out a full-scale counterattack on their position in a frantic attempt to reclaim Eastwind.

Wave after wave of Viper continue to assault their position, but the members of CTRG's Group 14 miraculously arrive at the last minute to save Truck and the others from being overrun. The device is finally disarmed and along with the rest of Raiders 1 and 2, Truck is extracted to safety by helicopter - with Eastwind itself in tow.

Personality and Appearance

Truck is a Caucasian male with a light moustache and has an unkempt, dark brown-coloured head of hair. His usual attire consists of a simple white/dark green undershirt with Tropic Dazzle-camouflaged pants along with a ranger green-coloured plate carrier vest and Light Combat Helmet (LCH). For eyewear, he prefers to don a set of tactical shades.

« Truck: Are they targeting us?
Salvo: Well, you have such pretty eyes, Truck, how could they not?
Truck and Salvo

Truck often finds himself the target of jokes from the rest of Raider 1 about his appearance, with Salvo teasing him the most. Nonetheless, the two share a close bond and are often assigned as a duo for most tasks.


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