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Faction Icon-side-redfor.png Takistani Army
Icon-side-greenfor.png Takistani Rebels
Type Utility Helicopter
Seats 8 seats:
  • 1× Pilot
  • 1× Co-Pilot
  • 2× Side Gunners
  • 4× Passengers
Item capacity Max:
  • 3× Weapons
  • 20× Magazines
  • 1× Backpack
Top speed ~ 270 km/h
Service ceiling ~ 5,408 m
Fuel capacity 1000 fuel units
Primary armament None
Secondary armament Secondary:
  • 2× M240 7.62 mm
Variants UH-1Y

The UH-1H is a utility helicopter used by both Takistani Army forces and anti-government rebels in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.


  • Roles:
    • Utility helicopter
    • Troop transport
« The UH-1 Iroquois is a multipurpose military helicopter, famous for its use in the Vietnam War. The UH-1H is the most-produced version. There were more than 16,000 made in total, of which about 7,000 saw use during the Vietnam War.
Armoury Description


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.

The UH-1H is a twin-bladed, single-engine rotary-wing light helicopter. It is primarily deployed for air assault missions as well as transporting personnel and materiel.

It is armed with twin 7.62 mm medium machine guns fitted to side doors located on each side of the passenger cabin.

Each of the MMGs are fed from 100-round cloth boxes and have a further two boxes spare (for a total of 300 rounds per gun). The UH-1H by itself does not have any armament as it lacks stub wings.

The UH-1H has a fairly small and nimble airframe, which lets it dart in and out of areas easily compared to the bulkier Mi-8, and is also able to land in areas with minimal clearance such as on the roof of villager huts or on the top of structures in Zargabad.

Rebel UH-1Hs in formation.

Despite only using a single engine, the UH-1H has surprisingly decent power and can accelerate to airspeeds up of to 300 km/h, which far exceeds its usual limit of 270 km/h. However, this is still dependent on the UH-1H's current heading and elevation.

Unlike the larger Mi-8 and its modern USMC counterpart, the UH-1H is unable to transport as many passengers in its cabin. It's also quite fragile compared to the Mi-8, and is more vulnerable to small arms fire which can easily penetrate the cockpit's glass and door-less cabin.

Because it also lacks defensive avionics, it can be easily brought down by anti-aircraft missiles. Landing in particular, can be quite challenging for novice pilots as the UH-1H is extremely prone to incurring damage if the pilot misjudges their angle even just slightly.

Crew Capacity
Excluding the pilot and the two side door gunners, the UH-1H has a maximum transportation capacity of five passengers, one of which can be the co-pilot.


  • Desert: Standard two-tone desert tan/olive green camouflage scheme with a sky blue painted underbelly. Used by all Takistani Army UH-1Hs.
  • Olive: Flat olive green paint scheme. Exclusive to rebel UH-1Hs.


The UH-1H has a base armour value of 25.


The hull can withstand just 25 points of damage.


The engine will be disabled if it takes more than 6.25 points of damage.

A damaged engine outputs less power, preventing the UH-1H from being able to attain its top speed.


The cockpit's flight instruments can only take 3.75 points of damage before failing.

Main rotor

The main rotor can only withstand 7.5 points of damage.

Disabling the main rotor will prevent the pilot from being able to maintain lift. 30% of damage is always transferred onto the main "health" pool of the UH-1H.

Tail rotor

The tail rotor is limited to incurring just 5 points of damage.

Disabling the tail rotor will prevent the pilot from being able to control the main rotor's torque. At least 10% of damage will be shared with the UH-1H's "health" pool.


Both gunners handle the side door-mounted M240 machine guns:


Base damage value Aerodynamic friction Initial velocity (m/s)
12 -0.0009324 900

7.62 mm medium machine guns.

They can attain fire rates of up to 800 rounds per minute and only require 5 seconds to reload fresh cloth boxes. Accuracy-wise, they have a fixed dispersion of 0.0012 rad regardless of distance.



The UH-1H does not have a Missile Approach Warning System and will not warn the pilot of incoming missiles already in mid-flight.


The UH-1H does not possess a Radar Warning Receiver and cannot alert the pilot of being locked-onto by radar-based targeting systems.


The UH-1H lacks an Infrared Warning Receiver, and will not warn the pilot of being targeted by infrared-based weapon systems.


  • The UH-1H is actually referred to as the "UH-1D" in the game files.
  • Oddly enough, the pintles on the UH-1H's side doors are fitted with the M240 instead of the PKM machine gun. It would have been more appropriate for the side door gunners to utilise the PKM as it is actually used by both Takistani Army machine gunners and on the Mi-8 as well (in the form of the PKT).


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