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The United Kingdom, formally referred to as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is a sovereign state located off the north­western coast of mainland Europe.

Armed forces

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The British Armed Forces (formally Her Majesty's Armed Forces) represent the country's combined military forces. It consists of three service branches:

  • The British Army
  • The Royal Navy
  • The Royal Air Force


Prime Ministers


In the aftermath of the Chernarussian Civil War, an unnamed Prime Minister would oversee the deployment of a contingent of British engineers and advisers to the Green Sea region nation of Chernarus.

Working alongside their allies from the Czech Republic, their deployment, scheduled to end in 2012, would be to conduct training exercises and provide aid to regional development programmes in support of the new Chernarussian government.


An unnamed Prime Minister authorised the deployment of British forces in support of the UN-mandated, U.S.-led NATO invasion of Takistan.

Following the downfall of the Takistani regime, the government would agree to a troop surge several weeks later. Codenamed Operation Crimson Lance, it would be in support of the NATO alliance's attempts to destroy remnants of the former regime.

« The UK government is due to publish a white paper in the coming weeks, examining the role that private contractors will play in current, and future engagements.
The goverment's White Papers recommend contracting peacekeeping duties to PMCs

A year later, the Prime Minister would oversee the withdrawal of all British forces from Takistan. In the wake of their withdrawal, defence White Papers published by their ministry suggested replacing the presence of British troops with private military contractors.


By the early-mid 2030s, Nicholas Ramsden serves as Prime Minister. His government was elected into power after having inherited an economic depression that has continued to blight the UK for almost two decades.

« Prime Minister Nicholas Ramsden said he would respect the defeat of his government's motion, which, effectively, ruled out the possibility of any extension to the NATO deployment in the former sovereign territory.
News networks report on Ramsden's failure to renew the Army's peacekeeping mission

His government has attempted to put forward numerous motions to extend the Army's peacekeeping mission on the Republic of Altis and Stratis. All of them have been flatly rejected by an overwhelming majority in the Parliament.

House of Commons

At least one MP has been named in the Armaverse:

  • Jackson Irvine
    • Since the early 2030s, Irvine has been a Member of Parliament for South Shields.
    • He is firmly against foreign military interventions.
    • Irvine has vociferously objected to the Ramsden ministry's attempts to renew deployments abroad, arguing that the UK can ill-afford to waste precious capital on pointless shows of "gunboat" diplomacy.

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