NOTE: This article is about the Armaverse counterpart of the United States of America. For the United States (U.S.) faction in ArmA: CWA, see United States of America.


The United States of America, colloquially referred to as the United States (short form: U.S.A.), is a country primarily located in North America.

Armed forces

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In the Armaverse, the United States Armed Forces represent the nation's federal military forces. It consists of five specific branches:



As of 2039, at least three presidents have been named in the Armaverse:


Ronald Wilson Reagan served as President of the United States at the height of the Malden Islands Crisis in 1985 and prior to that, the Soviet invasion of the Independent Republic of Nogova in 1982.

His administration authorised the delivery of covert arms shipments to Nogovan anti-Soviet partisans. He would later commit to an expansion of the U.S. presence in the region with the reinforcement of the garrisons on Malden and Everon.

In the aftermath of the 1985 flashpoint, he coordinated with then-General Secretary of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, to cover up the incident. The documents detailing the events of the conflict would not be declassified until June 22nd, 2001.


A president named McKain authorised the United Nations-mandated intervention in Takistan.

Post-Operation Arrowhead, McKain's administration would oversee the NATO troop surge as part of Operation Crimson Lance. This would be followed with the drawdown and withdrawal of U.S. forces from Takistan by the end of 2013.


By the late 2030s, a president named Dennison holds the Oval Office. Dennison is a demagogue who was elected solely on his populist rhetoric at a time of widespread isolationist and anti-interventionist sentiments amongst the public.

His administration vehemently denies the existence of climate change in spite of objections from members of his own Republican Party. He established a hand-picked group of federal "scientists" who openly publish misleading "reports" countering the consensus that burning fossil fuels harm the planet.

In addition, his administration has enacted multiple domestic and foreign policies aimed at withdrawing the U.S. from the NATO alliance and global institutions, such as retracting the country's commitments to the 2020 Amsterdam Agreement. All of these heavy handed policies have mostly backfired however, and have instead become a detriment to the United States' security and international standing at a time of heightened tensions with the Chinese-led CSAT coalition.

Dennison is notorious for his social media posts on the Chirrup platform, many of which contain basic grammatical errors. He insults his opponents by assigning them juvenile nicknames such as "Gimmie Givens" (in reference to Republican Georgia senator Raymond Givens) and, when contradicted by fact checkers with evidence, simply dismisses them as being "Fake".


At least two members of the Senate are known to hold office as of 2039:

  • Raymond Givens
    • A member of the Republican Party, Givens is a representative for the state of Georgia.
    • Givens is one of his party's nominees for the upcoming 2040 presidential election, challenging incumbent President Dennison for leadership.
    • Though not explicitly isolationist, he is staunchly opposed to foreign interventions and has argued in favour of minimising U.S. involvement in NATO.
    • In stark contrast to the rest of the Republican Party, Givens is not ignorant to the realities of climate change and recognises its impact on national security. He has openly stood alongside his counterparts in the Democratic Party to lambast Dennison's attacks against scientific institutions/agencies, along with his overt attempts at undermining climate policies.
  • Robert Hammer
    • A U.S. Army veteran, Hammer entered politics in the years after the Malden Islands Crisis. At the time of being discharged from the military, he had attained the rank of Lieutenant.
    • He regularly partakes in commemorations to honour the memory of U.S. troops killed in the conflict. His most recent participation was on August 18th, 2035, on the 50th anniversary of the flashpoint's resolution.

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