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Hello, I'm LegendFPS.

I'm a player of ArmA 2, the standalone expansion ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead, the three downloadable expansions; British Armed Forces, Private Military Company and Army of the Czech Republic, and the latest game ArmA 3.

I've also played Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, a predecessor to ARMA: Armed Assault.

I'm here to add, edit and otherwise improve this wiki using my knowledge of the games.

To do

  • Create a glossary page - definitions for various terms and acronyms
  • Create infobox templates for vehicles and weapons pages
  • Correctly and appropriately categorise pages and categories
  • Find and complete more stuff to do...

My favourite pages


  • 100 edits - 4 Feb 2014
  • 500 edits - ~15 Feb 2014