Reported on November 10, 2017

Bohemia Interactive has just unveiled the next downloadable content (DLC) for ArmA 3. Scheduled for release later this month on November 30th, the Tac-Ops DLC will be a singleplayer-focused mission pack that consists of three missions that will take an estimated 8+ hours to complete.


The key features of the Arma 3 Tac-Ops Mission Pack include:

  • 3 Singleplayer Operations – Designed for the experienced Arma player, this Mission Pack features three challenging military operations:
    • Beyond Hope - Nine years prior to the "East Wind" conflict, civil war rages through the Republic of Altis and Stratis.
    • Stepping Stone - NATO reinforcements responding to the "East Wind" crisis must first secure the strategic island of Malden.
    • Steel Pegasus - During the invasion of Altis, NATO forces stage a daring air assault to open a second front.
  • Authentic Warfare – Experience what true military combat is like with missions that favor intelligence, caution, and patience above all else. Fight alongside multiple armed forces, and lead your unit to victory, alive.
  • Evolving Battlefield – Discover how your conduct and decisions on the battlefield can affect the operation by completing, failing, or ignoring (optional) objectives.
  • Replayability – Replay a selection of missions from a different unit’s perspective to gain a greater understanding of the operation. Try out various tactics and figure out how to achieve your objectives in different ways.
  • After Action Report (AAR) Videos – Develop your understanding of military tactics and combat with practical mission-specific insights from one of our military consultants.
  • And More – Listen to newly composed music tracks, unlock additional Steam Achievements, and take advantage of new scripted systems to help create advanced custom Arma 3 scenarios.

You can already pre-order ArmA 3 Tac-Ops DLC Mission Pack with a 10% pre-order discount. Alternatively, you can buy the ArmA 3 DLC Bundle 2, which saves you more than 25% over purchasing ArmA 3 Tac-Ops Mission Pack, ArmA 3 Jets, ArmA 3 Laws of War, and the upcoming ArmA 3 Tanks DLC separately.

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