So ehm, this is my first blog post. It's also my first day. 

In this post I actually want to introduce myself, but I have little to no idea how to do it, so I'll just do it. I am Эмилй, but just call me Emily, I think everyone can understand that better. I love digital arts and I love using HTML or CSS. I know both work together, so please don't be that one guy who says: "CSS and HTML can be used together"; I know alright. 

Besides that, I love languages and history. If you look at my profile, you shall see I speak a lot of languages, but like I also mention, please talk English to me. If something happens, I don't want to translate everything, because 1, that's not reliable if I'm part of the problem or related, 2, google translate doesn't work so well. 

Here you can see some works I did with photoshop.

  • Ivanka Trump with a panzerfaust
  • Colored flower
  • I got high when I made this
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