Utes is a playable terrain in ArmA 2.



Located almost thirty kilometres off the south-eastern coast of Chernarus, Utes is the second largest of Chernarus' three islands.

Its most notable feature is the airbase built in the centre which split the northern and southern halves of the island. In addition, three military bases can be found; two north and another south, of the airfield. The only two towns in the island, Kamenyy and Strelka, are located to the north and south-east of the airfield (respectively). Both towns have docks to accommodate small boats.


The island partially consists of pine forests clustered in the south-east and north-west. The other parts of the island are mostly grassy hills surrounded by rocky cliffs.


Utes contains only two named settlements. The majority of the island is either reserved exclusively for military use or remains uninhabited.


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Kamenyy is located due north of the airbase. There are two paths which lead to it; the paved roads to its east (to Strelka) and another to its south (heading to the airbase). Several brick and wooden homes are built here along with a concrete dock for smaller fishing vessels. To the west of the village lies military base and to its south-west, a supply depot.

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Strelka is situated in the south-eastern half of the island. Only one road which loops around and through the airbase in the centre can be used to access the village. Two smaller streets exist inside the village, though they remain unconnected to one another.

Points of interest

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The USS Khe Sanh (LHD-9) is always moored to the south-west of Utes' coastline. It serves as the lead ship of the U.S. Marine Corps' 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit (27th MEU). The flight deck is designed to support a variety of V/STOL-capable planes. Transport helicopters and light patrol vessels can also utilise the ship as a permanent helipad/dock to operate from.



  • The USS Khe Sanh is considered to be part of the terrain itself and cannot be "driven" like a true ship.
  • Utes is prominently featured in ArmA 2's official (but non-canon) Eagle Wing campaign, though the island itself does not make a physical appearance.

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