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Utes is an island located south-east of Chernarus in ArmA 2. It is likely a military base of the Chernarussian Defense Force (CDF) as it contain numerous military facilities in addition to an airbase that divide the island.


Utes is a small island that serves as a base for the CDF. Its most noted feature is the airbase in the center that split the Northern and Southern part of the island. In addition, three military bases can be found, two north and another south, of the airfield. There are two towns in the island, Kamenny and Strelka, located north and south of the airfield respectively. Both towns have docks to accommodate small boats. Other civilian presence in the island include several isolated houses and lighthouses scattered throughout the island.

On the southwest corner of the map, several kilometers into the sea, a static USS Khe Sanh can be found. The ship is considered part of the terrain and is indestructible in game.

In Game

Utes is first introduced in ArmA 2. In the intro to the campaign Operation Harvest Red, a small CDF force found itself besieged in the ruined church in the town of Strelka by the attacking Chedaki forces. It was not long before the soldiers were overwhelmed and either killed or taken prisoner.

When the US intervened in the Chernarussian civil war, one of the first action the US Marines was involved in was liberating the island from the Chedaki, as depicted in the single-player mission First to Fight and War Welcome. The Marines succeeded in not only liberating the island, but also several CDF prisoners held in the airfield.

The training missions in ArmA 2 takes place in Utes after the successful operation.

Utes may also has some sort of nuclear shelter that is not shown in the map or in-game terrain. In the bonus Eagle Wing campaign, the player and his new-found allies tried to escape the aftermath of a nuclear war on Chernarus, sailing to Utes to seek the mentioned shelter. In the credits, it is revealed that Utes is also hit by a nuclear weapon.

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