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Utility Drone / Pelican
Faction Icon-side-blufor.png NATO
Icon-side-redfor.png CSAT
Icon-side-greenfor.png AAF
Icon-side-greenfor.png LDF
Icon-side-neutral.png Civilians
Icon-side-neutral.png IDAP
Type Small UAV
Seats None
Item capacity 120 mass
Top speed ~ 100 km/h
Service ceiling ~ 1,250 m
Fuel capacity 100 fuel units
Weight 251.2 kg (g, all variants)
Slingloadable No (all variants)
Primary armament None
Secondary armament None
Variants Standard, Medical, AL-6 Pelican, AL-6 Pelican (Medical), Jinaah AL-6, Jinaah AL-6 (Medical)
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The Utility Drone is a multipurpose drone used by IDAP aid workers and emergency response crews in ArmA 3.

Military versions also exist and are known as the AL-6 Pelican / Jinaah AL-6. They are utilised by several BLUFOR, REDFOR and INDFOR factions.

Both variants were added with the release of the Laws of War DLC.


  • Roles:
    • Supply transport
    • Medical support
« This commercial off-the-shelf utility drone is flown by civilian and military (as the AL-6 line) organizations across the globe. Developed by the same manufacturer as the AR-2 series, this larger model uses 6 rotors to transport small payloads inside its external cargo case. Using this drone to deliver emergency medical supplies is rapidly gaining popularity in recent times
Field Manual


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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Laws of War DLC.

The Utility Drone is a miniature VTOL-capable hexacopter that is small enough to be carried in a backpack.

It is available in up to four variants; the standard supply transport/leaflet dispenser variant, a medical supply carrier, and two military variants of the standard supply and medical variants respectively.

Like its dedicated military counterpart, the Utility Drone functions in an identical way; once unpacked and assembled by the operator, it can then be connected to through a UAV Terminal and assigned tasks.

Information leaflet used by IDAP. Depending on the faction, each leaflet will be differently styled.

Notable Traits
One unique capability that the Utility Drone does possess is the ability to disperse information/propaganda leaflets over an area. Militaries primarily use this capability to distribute leaflets over areas populated by civilians in order to warn them to evacuate prior to an attack.

NGOs on the other hand, utilise this feature to provide information to people in an area with advice/warnings on any dangerous hazards near them.

Compared to the Darter, the Utility Drone's overall functionality is more simplistic as it is only designed with ferrying supplies in mind (usually medical items).

Because it lacks a laser designator and does not possess a secondary camera with thermal/night vision capability, it is similarly ill-suited for use in a reconnaissance or surveillance role.

As usual, care should be taken with the Utility Drone's operation as even a single round from any firearm (despite being slightly larger than the AR-2 Darter) can destroy its fragile airframe. This is because it cannot use or be fitted with protective armour against small arms fire, or even impact protection from collisions against hard objects.


Baseline variant.

Has no additional features other than the ability to carry supplies or disperse information/propaganda leaflets. Primarily used by IDAP aid workers.

Medical support variant.

Can carry a small number of medical supplies. Used by civilian emergency workers.

Has identical capabilities to the baseline civilian variant aside from using a unique camouflage pattern depending on whether faction alignment: NATO, AAF or the LDF.

Identical to the baseline variant of the AL-6 Pelican capability-wise in all aspects except for camouflage. Exclusive to CSAT forces.

Military counterpart of the civilian Medical variant. Has the same capabilities as the civilian variant aside from using faction-specific camouflage schemes.

Identical to the Medical variant of the AL-6 Pelican capability-wise in all aspects except for camouflage. Exclusive to CSAT forces.


  • Geometric: Greyscale version of the Geometric fractal camouflage pattern on Livonian Defense Force uniforms. Only applied onto LDF-operated AL-6 Pelicans.
  • White: Pattern-less flat white paint scheme with a sage green container. Used by NATO AL-6 Pelicans.
  • Grey Hex: Light/dark grey cell pattern camouflage with a khaki container. Used by CSAT Jinaah AL-6s.
  • Digital Grey: Digitised semi-fractal camouflage pattern with a flat white container. Only used by AAF AL-6 Pelicans.
  • IDAP: Flat white paint scheme with additional livery in the form of IDAP logos and signage. Used exclusively by IDAP-operated Utility Drones. Medical variants feature a red-coloured container instead.
  • Black: Matte all-black paint scheme. Applied onto cargo-oriented Utility Drones.
  • Civilian: Canary yellow/bright red paint scheme. Exclusively utilised on medical-oriented civilian Utility Drones.

Faction warning leaflets


All variants of the Utility Drone (including military versions) only have a base armour value of 0.5.


  • Along with the Demining Drone, the Utility Drone is currently one of the only two rotary-wing based air assets in ArmA 3 which utilises six rotors.
  • Featured specifically in the Old Man mini-campaign/scenario, CSAT forces use a specialised variant of the Utility Drone that is designed to scan vehicles for contraband at security checkpoints.
    • This functionality is completely scripted however, as outside of Old Man no variant of the Utility Drone is capable of utilising this function in unscripted gameplay.
  • As revealed in the Art of War DLC, Utility Drones are specifically manufactured by an Armaverse company: the Macrotech Corporation.


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