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The Van is a commercial minibus hybrid used by civilians and several BLUFOR, REDFOR and INDFOR factions in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Laws of War DLC.


  • Roles:
    • Civilian transportation
    • Freight transport
    • Law enforcement
    • Ground vehicle repair
    • Medical support
« The standard van can be used for a huge variety of practical purposes. This particular model features a long load length and excellent roof height, allowing for the transport of passengers, cargo, or even some smaller vehicles. Several aftermarket exterior components, such as a ladder, protective guards and a roof rack, can be fitted where appropriate. Specialized variants are used for emergency healthcare, patient evacuation and various utility services.
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This is a premium asset that requires ownership of the Laws of War DLC.

Rugged and flexible, the Van represents more than twenty years of innovation. It is the benchmark for hybrid minibus-style vehicles; providing a combination of reliability and customisation for a variety of roles.

It is available in up to four variants: the standard passenger transport variant, an ambulance, a freight transporter and a repair variant.

The Van is a multipurpose vehicle designed for a variety of roles, ranging from transporting freight and/or personnel, repairing ground vehicles, or transporting injured patients to hospitals.

Due to its flexibility, the armed forces of some nations also utilise the Van for their Military Police units, or for transporting border guards between outposts. Criminal organisations are also known to employ the Van as a relatively inconspicuous mule to smuggle illegal goods.

Arma3 contact screenshot 12

Livonian looters loading smuggled contraband onto the back of a regular Van model.

All variants of the Van are able to achieve a top speed of 146 km/h. They have fairly decent acceleration and can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h in less than 12 seconds (while driving on paved roads).

The Van has rather poor handling due to both its bulky size and ungainly design. Regardless of the terrain, it cannot perform pinpoint turns or even regular turns easily and requires plenty of room to manoeuvre.

As a civilian vehicle, the Van naturally lacks any kind of armour plating. Though passengers can defend the vehicle by opening the rear doors on some variants (and firing out of it), small arms fire from any calibre can and will penetrate through the vehicle's body with no difficulty. Explosives and landmines will always result in a total loss regardless of where the explosion hits.

Crew Capacity
Passenger capacity depends on the variant, but all of them will support at least a single passenger who sits in the front with the driver.


Baseline variant with no additional features other than the ability to carry passengers in the rear passenger section.

Can carry up to twelve passengers. Both the rear two and right side passenger spaces are FFV-capable.

This variant has a gross weight of 5015.98 kg.

Medical support/transport variant.

It has enough space to carry two stretchers and two attendants. Unlike the baseline transport, no passenger seats have FFV-capability and the right side door cannot be opened.

This variant has a gross weight of 5015.98 kg.

Carries spare parts, tools, and components for use in repairing nearby land vehicles and grounded aircraft. Is only able to carry the driver and a single passenger.

This variant has a gross weight of 5000.97 kg.

Can carry supplies and freight in the rear section. Visually (but not functionally) identical to the Services variant with the slight exception of a few missing components.

This variant has a gross weight of 5000.97 kg.

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This asset partially requires the Apex expansion pack.

Visually identical to the Services variant but has a police lightbar on top, unique paintjob, and can transport passengers in the rear section like the baseline Transport.

This variant has a gross weight of 5015.98 kg.

Partially premium content logo
This asset partially requires the Contact expansion pack.

Exclusive to the LDF's Military Police units. Functionality-wise, it is completely identical to regular Transport vans.

This variant has a gross weight of 5015.98 kg.


Van Transport[]

  • White: Pattern-less flat white paint scheme.
  • AAN: Single tone deep red paint scheme used by AAN media crews. Has additional livery in the form of AAN logos and signage written on the vehicle's body.
  • Battle Bus: Paint scheme designed to mimic the Hexacam camouflage pattern used by CSAT ground vehicles and aircraft. Has additional livery in the form of ArmA 3 logos.
  • Blue: Pattern-less blue paint scheme.
  • Brown (Syndikat): Pattern-less mud brown paint scheme. Used by Syndikat-operated variants.
  • Green: Pattern-less green paint scheme.
  • Guerrilla (01-03): Multiple tone paint scheme with a variety of line and stroke patterns. Used by FIA-operated variants.
  • Guerrilla 02 (Unfinished): Unique variant of the Guerrilla 02 paint scheme that has its windows completely covered in newspapers. It has a small gap in the front windshield that the driver can see through.
  • IDAP: Flat white paint scheme with additional livery in the form of IDAP logos and signage. Used exclusively by IDAP aid workers.
  • Masked: Two-tone triangle dazzle pattern.
  • Orange: Pattern-less bright orange paint scheme.
  • Red: Pattern-less red paint scheme.
  • Black: Pattern-less chrome black paint scheme.

Van (Ambulance)[]

  • Civilian Ambulance: Yellow/orange paint scheme with ambulance livery and signage. Used by civilian emergency services.
  • IDAP Ambulance: Flat white paint scheme with additional livery in the form of IDAP logos and signage. Used exclusively by IDAP medical workers.

Van (Services)[]

  • Astra: Livery used by Astra's company vehicles.
  • Benzyna: Livery used by Benzyna's company vehicles.
  • Blue Pearl: Light blue/flat white paint scheme with Blue Pearl signage written on both sides of the vehicle.
  • Daltgreen: Two-tone green/flat white paint scheme. Used by the Daltgreen Mining & Exploration Ltd. company.
  • Fuel: Custom paint scheme with a green body and bright yellow stripes. Used by the Altis-based Fuel company.
  • Island Port Authority: Canary yellow paint scheme used by civilian repair services. Has additional livery in the form of ISLAND PORT AUTHORITY lettering written on both sides of the vehicle, and black/bright green coloured stripes.
  • Redstone: Custom paint scheme with a racing line stripe and a dark grey/dark red body. Advertises the Redstone auto/racing company.
  • Swifd: Light purple paint scheme with yellow stripes and SWIFD signage on both sides of the body. Used by the SWIF Delivery International Courier Service company.
  • Vrana: Black/red paint scheme with a small Vrana logo emblazoned on both sides of the body. Used by Vrana Corporation-owned Vans only.

Gendarmerie Van[]

  • Gendarmerie: Single tone paint scheme with a white stripe and GENDARMERIE signage. Used by the Tanoan Gendarmerie.


  • Geometric: Fractal woodland camouflage pattern used on all Vans operated by the LDF.
  • Olive (MP): Flat olive green paint scheme with MP livery. Exclusively applied onto Vans operated by the LDF's Military Police units.


All variants of the Van have base armour values of 55. No variant supports being fitted with slat cages or Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) blocks/panels.

The following highlighted positions serve as weak points on Vans:


Green = Hull
Orange = Engine
Violet = Fuel tank

Weak point locations are identical on all variants regardless of the rear's contents.


The Van's hull can take up to 44 points of damage. 90% of damage inflicted will be transferred onto the Van's "health" pool.

It will take 250% additional damage from high-explosive (HE) type munitions. Depleting the hull's integrity will always cause the Van to explode catastrophically.


The engine can only survive 33 points of damage.

At least 50% of incoming damage on the engine is always shared with the Van's "health" pool. It takes 200% increased damage from HE-type munitions. It will not cause a catastrophic kill by itself unless the Van has been critically damaged.

If damaged: Greatly reduces the engine's power output, the Van can no longer attain its top speed and will have difficulty making simple manoeuvres.
If destroyed: Instantly immobilises the Van.

Fuel tank[]

The fuel tank can only take 27.5 points of damage before rupturing.

50% of incoming damage onto the fuel tank is shared with the Van's "health" pool, though it takes 50% less damage from HE-type munitions. A destroyed fuel tank will not cause a catastrophic kill unless the Van is critically damaged.

If damaged: Gradually leak up to 50% of fuel over time.
If destroyed: Causes it to rapidly lose its entire fuel capacity over several seconds.


All four of the Van's wheels can only take 80 points of damage before the tyres burst.

The tyres are susceptible to small arms fire and take 400% damage from explosive-type damage, meaning any HE-type munitions or landmines can instantly pop them. No damage is shared with the Van's main "health" pool.


Main article: Firing from vehicles (mechanic)#Van

Vehicle-in-Vehicle Transport[]


Loading a Quadbike into the back of the Van.

The Cargo variant is capable of storing any of the following vehicles and drones:

It is possible to store any number of combinations of vehicles (i.e. a Quadbike and Kart) as long as the total amount of vehicles still fit within the bounds of Van.

Supply crates[]

NOTE: Objects that are not strictly classified as supply crates, as well as those featured in non-official third party-developed Creator DLCs are deliberately excluded from this section.


Livonian bandits ferrying stolen weapons and ammo.

Aside from vehicles, Cargo variants of the Van are able to carry a selection of small crates/container-type objects:

  • Four Basic Ammo/Explosives/Grenades/Support crates
  • Four Basic Weapons/Launchers crates
  • One Special Weapons crate
  • One Supply Box pallet
  • Two Equipment/Uniform crates


  • The Van is based on the "Sprinter" series of commercial vehicles manufactured by Germany-based automotive company Mercedes-Benz, a subsidiary of Daimler AG.[1]
  • Unlike most civilian vehicles in ArmA 3, both the right-side door and the rear swing doors in the passenger compartment can be manually opened and closed by passengers.
  • With the release of Game Update 2.06, ViVT-capable versions of Van were granted the ability to load ammunition crates and other smaller container-style objects into the back of the vehicle.[2]
    • However, this functionality can only be made use of through the editor or with custom scripts as the driver can only unload but not load static non-vehicular cargo objects.



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