« Look, it's political, strategic. The region's a mess - we're just here to help. That's where CTRG comes in. We need a...special tool for the job.
Vince Broadale

Vince Broadale is a supporting character in ArmA 3's Apex Protocol campaign.


Broadale serves as the commander of all Pacific NATO forces stationed on the Horizon Islands, deployed as part of the "Safe Horizon" joint exercises in cooperation with the local authorities.

He also serves as NATO's liaison to CTRG Group 15, a highly secretive special operations unit operating independently from his command.

Apex Protocol (2035)

Working with its presumed leader Major A.J. Dutton under the callsign of Northstar Actual, Broadale provides logistical support for the unit and in turn, receives gathered intelligence in order to better coordinate movements from both sides.

Nonetheless, Broadale is often kept in the dark from the more sensitive parts of the operation to maintain CTRG's secrecy.


  • Like Dutton, Broadale never physically appears in any of the briefings and can only be heard in the pre-recorded cutscenes talking with Dutton, or through radio messages.
  • He is the first named Australian character in ArmA 3, and is the second to be introduced into the series after Patrick Dixon from ArmA 2's Private Military Company DLC.
  • Oddly enough, Broadale is stated to be a commander of Pacific NATO forces despite Australia not being an actual member of the alliance in real life. Whether this implies that Australia has become an official NATO member in the Armaverse is not known.

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