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Viper (alternately called Viper Team) is an elite CSAT special operations force. It was added to ArmA 3 with the release of the Apex DLC.


« CTRG has been tracking a clandestine network of CSAT operatives. We know them as 'Viper'.
Captain Scott Miller


Though their exact purpose remains highly classified, Viper are known to be an elite special operations unit that serves under the mandate of CSAT. They are specifically deployed for use in destabilisation ops against foreign countries with friendly relations to the West.

Often, this involves embedding themselves into anti-government organisations to sow havoc in targeted countries. Their activities range from supplying dissident groups with arms and equipment, sabotaging vital infrastructure such as power grids or utility services. In some cases, Viper operatives are authorised to provide overt combat support for the organisation(s) they are embedded within.

The exact composition or size of the force is not known, but it can be assumed that they are at least comparable to or are equal in numbers to their NATO counterpart.


No official information is known about Viper Team's date of organisation or activities prior to the 2030s.

It can however, be assumed that they have been active for at least a year prior to the events of the The East Wind, as Viper form a key component of CSAT's so-called "Apex Protocol" destabilisation efforts against Western nations.

Events of Remnants of War (2034)


NOTE: This section contains spoilers from ArmA 3's Laws of War DLC 'Remnants of War' campaign.

Viper Team operatives are reportedly spotted calling in the airstrike.

« Katherine: These 'operatives', then - they moved in on the castle?
Nathan: Yup. Must have been a fireteam at least. The guerrillas were taken out - one by one. Then, silence. If we're to believe the goatherd, they then set up a position on the battlements.
Katherine: The man who claimed to have seen all of this - is there anything else you can tell me about him?
Nathan: Not much. Like I say: simple goatherd. Lived alone. Small stone shed, just north of the castle.
Nathan MacDade recalls the herder's statement to AAN journalist Katherine Bishop about witnessing Viper call in the airstrike on Oreokastro

Elements from Viper are implied to have taken part in the siege of Oreokastro. It was stated that they were seen by a local herder who lived nearby, and witnessed the team directing in the cluster airstrike that would ultimately wipe out the village.

Events of Apex Protocol (2035)


NOTE: This section contains spoilers from ArmA 3 Apex's 'Apex Protocol' campaign.

Following the Pacific disaster that caused massive destruction to much of the Horizon Islands, Viper Team are sent to Tanoa in order to clandestinely provide support to the growing Syndikat insurgency.

Viper supply Syndikat with financial aid and armament in order to foment civil unrest, and to de-legitimise the standing Horizon Islands government, enabling CSAT to expand its political and military influence in the island country under the pretext of restoring order and providing humanitarian aid. Through their aid, Syndikat quickly overwhelm the now-outmanned and outgunned Gendarmerie, and seize control over vast amounts of territory.

As NATO forces begin their "Safe Horizon" exercises in coordination with the local authorities, CTRG are secretly deployed into the Tanoa Province in order to identify the source of Syndikat's supplies and in the process, locate one of their own missing assets.

Viper ambush the Western operatives at Namuvaka.

« Yes, sir. Both teams are surrounded. They will not escape.
Communications from Viper Team after surrounding Raiders 1 and 2

Their continued disruption of Syndikat's operations eventually leads them into conflict with Viper, who attempt to lure CTRG by using an informant called "Blue Cap" as bait in order to ambush the teams. However, the ambush fails and reinforcements sent to eliminate CTRG are also wiped out.

With their mission now in jeopardy due to Syndikat's continued failures and at risk of being publicly exposed, Viper prepare to shut down their operations and depart from the country. Before they can finalise their departure, they are suddenly backstabbed by Syndikat's leader and lose control (along with vital information regarding the "Apex Protocol" itself) over the Eastwind device.

« It was your men who failed! We gave you instructions. You failed to follow them.
A Viper officer moments before executing one of Syndikat's senior lieutenants

Reluctantly, Viper representatives attempt to negotiate a deal with Maru.

Solomon Maru blackmails Viper with an ultimatum, and threatens to sell the device to the highest bidder should they refuse to continue providing support.

Though they attempt to negotiate a deal with Syndikat, their meeting is interrupted once again by CTRG who raid the site in order to put a stop to Syndikat once and for all and to seize the Eastwind device itself.

Viper mount their final assault against CTRG.

Just before his death, Solomon armed the Eastwind device in preparation for another earthquake to strike Tanoa. Both CTRG and Viper race to disarm (and claim) the device before its activation, with the latter launching an all-out assault against the CTRG teams.

Their assault is ultimately futile however, and are wiped out through the combined efforts of CTRG Groups 14 and 15; the former arriving just in time to assist the ground forces in repelling Viper.

Post-Apex Protocol

« The evidence has little basis in reality. Even so, the actions of a few individuals must not reflect upon the progress made by the whole.
Xu Haifeng, Supreme Commander of Pacific CSAT forces

The public exposure of CSAT's "Apex Protocol" has put the fate of the organisation (and Viper itself) into question as the United Nations immediately launched an inquiry into almost a decade of CSAT's unchecked expansionism across the globe.

Events of Old Man (2038)

In spite of the "Apex Protocol" revelations, both CSAT itself and Viper continue to exist.


NOTE: This section contains spoilers from ArmA 3's 'Old Man' mini-campaign/scenario.

Viper operatives patrol the (abandoned) streets of Belfort.

Three years later, they have been tasked with guarding the bioweapons facility on the island of Tuvanaka. Prior to the artificial outbreak in the Tanoa Province, operatives helped smuggle crates containing contaminated mosquitoes using commercial container ships.

In the aftermath of the outbreak, some of their units were tasked with leading Quick Reaction Force teams - in response to the growing frequency of attacks launched by L'Ensemble insurgents. A few of Viper's officers have also been assigned with the duty of training government forces in counterinsurgency warfare and tactics.


Hexacam camouflage patterns employed by Viper operatives (from left-to-right):
- Arid Hex (Altis)
- Green Hex (Tanoa)

Viper are granted access to the latest in CSAT's experimental and prototype hardware. Their signature outfit is a special combat suit that offers superior (even in comparison to standard-issue CSAT fatigues) protection to small arms fire, and also camouflage the wearer against thermal sensors.

They wear advanced helmets that not only provide the best ballistic protection, but also grant Viper operatives with a full panoramic view of their surroundings in both thermal and night vision.

Viper operatives exclusively utilise the Type 115, a bullpup dual-role assault rifle that is chambered to fire caseless 6.5 mm ammunition and can disable vehicles with its underbarrel .50 BW anti-materiel rifle module.

For ground and air transportation, they primarily rely on Qilin LSVs and the Y-32 Xi'an (respectively) in order to travel to-and-from their areas of operations.



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