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Virtual Reality is a playable terrain in ArmA 3.



Human avatar training within the confines of the VR "world"

Essentially an in-game computer-generated world, the Virtual Reality terrain is a flat canvas that can be used for any purpose.

This could be constructing an obstacle course for infantry and vehicles, a training or fighting arena for human players and AI, or be used to experiment and test the various assets contained within ArmA 3.


The VR terrain features a completely flat and blank dark grey-coloured surface dotted with white grid lines. This "floor" stretches out infinitely in all directions.


As the entire "world" is simulated, there are no established villages, towns, or cities. Users are capable of creating their own custom settlements via the Eden Editor as they desire, however.

Points of interest


Located in the far north-eastern corner of the centre point (approximately one kilometre away), a shallow pool of water that is deep enough for an SDV to submerge in is positioned here.


It can be used to test all sorts of amphibious ground vehicles and watercraft, and is hollowed into the ground with a trapezoid prism shape.

The "water" itself is transparent enough for an external observer to be able to see the bottom of the pool.



  • The Virtual Reality terrain was not actually available on ArmA 3's release, and was only added to the main game after Game Update 1.24 as part of the free Bootcamp Update.
  • It is the first terrain in the entire series that takes place exclusively in a computer-generated world (setting-wise).

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