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War Criminal is the first mission of ArmA 2's Silver Lion campaign.


The player controls Sgt. Bohuslav Kouba and his squad who are tasked with hunting down a militia warlord, Col. Radan Mioyvić. The colonel is hiding somewhere in the NW hills of Bystrica and the area is teeming with militia activity. During their search, the team is also tasked with capturing Andrej Kasun, another militia leader.



  • (1) Capture Col. Miyovic
  • (2) Investigate Alpha
  • (3) Investigate Bravo
  • (4) Investigate Charlie
  • (5) Investigate Delta
  • (6) Investigate Echo
  • (7) Investigate Foxtrot
  • (8) Investigate Echo
  • (9) Investigate Golf
  • (10) Investigate Hotel
  • (11) Investigate India
  • (12) Investigate Juliet
  • (13) Investigate Kilo
  • (14) Investigate Lima
  • (15) Investigate Mike
  • (16) Investigate November


  • (17) Capture Kasun
  • (18) Escort Kasun



Your team starts at point Orion which is essentialy your base of operation. There is a field hospital, weapons/ammo cache and a single truck. The truck is usable as a means of transport, however it is not armored so it can't protect you from enemy fire. You may return to the base to heal or replenish ammo as you require. You may also change your weapon and the weapons of your squad, as the cache contains various firearms.

As you start to explore the area, new tasks will pop up with the objectives marking enemy encampments as you get near them. There are usually less than half a dozen footmobiles at each point, however you may come across several trucks with machine guns or rocket launchers. Once you clear out the objective, the red circular area on the map shrinks, hinting where the fugitive is expected to be found. On the map there are also several red areas with exclamation marks that depict minefields - which you should avoid.

The safest way of clearing out the camps is to go alone, find a position where you can see all the enemies and take them out at once. Going in head-on will get you (and especially your colleagues) killed quickly, because the enemies are hard to see in the dense forests of Bystrica (and they are quite accurate).

Capture and Escort Kasun

During your search, you will be informed that another HVT is in the area, Andrej Kasun. The objective marker is pointing to the location of Kasun's arrival in the area and the small arrow is pointing in the direction of his travel. The best approach is to take the car immediately to the location, where the arrow's direction intersects with the map boundaries. Kasun is traveling in a red car with his bodyguard. Take the bodyguard out and a conversation will play out. Now you have Kasun in your team, however he cannot be commanded and will not get in a vehicle with you. He will only vaguely follow you, making zig-zags while the AI struggles to pathfind. Your task is to escort him to point Orion. Recommend getting in a car and traveling slowly to Orion, Kasun should be able to find his way there, if you keep an eye out on him and don't let him venture too far - he will be killed by other militia or the minefields. Once near the Orion point, Kasun will disappear and the objective is complete.


Once you clear enough camps, a short conversation will play out and you will see Mioyvic in the vicinity. Approach him, a cutscene plays and the mission is complete.

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