Water Scooter
Faction Civilians
Type Jetski
Seats 3 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 2× Passengers
Item capacity Max: 500 mass
  • 10× Weapons
  • 100× Magazines
  • 5× Backpacks
Top speed 84 km/h
Fuel capacity 100 L
Primary armament None
Secondary armament None
Variants None

The Water Scooter is a recreational water transport used by Tanoan civilians in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.


  • Role:
    • Recreational watercraft
« A Personal WaterCraft of sit-down type. This small-hulled craft driven by a jet-propulsion system offers seats for 3 people. Its powerful engine and great maneuverability make this craft a lot of fun to drive. And of course this water transport vehicle is perfectly suited for military use as well.
Field Manual


The Water Scooter is an unarmed civilian jetski that uses a single four-stroke engine.

Essentially a waterborne version of the Quadbike, the Water Scooter is designed exclusively for recreational use, though it can serve as an improvised waterborne transport for getting across short stretches of water.

As a relatively light watercraft, the Water Scooter can also be slingloaded by any rotary-wing helicopter.

It has a very high top speed but is quite average handling-wise. Combined with a low fuel capacity, this somewhat limits the distance that can be travelled with the Scooter, though it is good enough for getting from one location to another across the shallow waters of Tanoa.

Crew Capacity
The Water Scooter has a passenger capacity of three (including the driver). Both passengers sit in tandem with each other behind the driver.

Note that unlike other waterborne vessels such as the Assault Boat, the rear passengers do not have FFV capability and are unable to fire any weapons they may have while seated.


  • White: Flat white paint scheme with red/dark grey stroke patterns.
  • Black: Matte black paint scheme with custom livery in the form of a flame burst.
  • Blue: Flat white/dark blue paint scheme with white/blue stroke patterns.
  • Grey: Two-tone white paint scheme with a beige chassis. Has a dark grey seat and a custom line pattern on parts the hull.
  • Lime: White paint scheme with a black chassis. Has a lime green seat and uses the same custom line pattern as the Grey paint scheme.
  • Red: Two-tone white paint scheme with a beige chassis. Has a red seat and uses a slightly modified version of the Grey paint scheme's custom line pattern but with a red outline.
  • Yellow: Two-tone white paint scheme with a beige chassis. Has a yellow seat and uses a modified version of the Red paint scheme's custom line pattern but with purple gradient shading.


  • As with the RHIB, the Water Scooter could be based on any real-world jetski model as almost all designs share the same layout and appearance in some way.
  • The Water Scooter is the first jetski in the entire series that is not a rubber/rigid hulled-based vessel.


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