XM8 M320 5.56 mm
Faction Icon-side-greenfor ION
Type Assault Rifle / UGL
Calibre 5.56×45 mm NATO / 40 mm
30 / 1
Variants XM8, XM8 CQC, XM8 Compact, XM8 Automatic Rifle, XM8 Sharpshooter
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The XM8 M320 is a 5.56 mm assault rifle used exclusively by ION private military contractors in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the Private Military Company DLC.


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This is an asset which partially requires the Private Military Company DLC.

The XM8 M320 is a modified variant of the baseline XM8 rifle that has had an underbarrel grenade launcher attached to it.

It is completely identical statistics-wise, and can load either the standard 30 round STANAGs or G36-type plastic magazines like its parent weapon. It is however, slightly heavier to carry due to the added weight of the M320 grenade launcher.

The M320 uses a conventional flip-up leaf sight and can launch 40 mm high-explosive (HE), flare, and smoke grenades at distances of up to 300 metres.

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