« The evidence has little basis in reality. Even so, the actions of a few individuals must not reflect upon the progress made by the whole.
Xu denies allegations over the existence of CSAT's "Apex Protocol"

Xu Haifeng is an antagonist in ArmA 3's Apex Protocol and Old Man campaigns.


Xu serves both as the public spokesman and supreme commander of all CSAT forces operating in the Pacific region.

Post-Apex Protocol

Following the public exposure of CSAT's illicit operations on Tanoa, the central landmass in the Horizon Islands, Xu can be heard giving a statement to a press conference where he condemns the claims of the incident's perpetrators being of CSAT in origin.

He further adds that even if the claims were not "fabricated", the operatives involved were rogues acting without the consent or knowledge of the organisation itself.

In spite of the public statements of denial issued by Xu, comments made by AAN news journalist Mark Cole suggest that the United Nations is nevertheless questioning CSAT's actions as a whole in the aftermath of the incident.

Old Man (2038)

« La Roche agreed to Canton Protocol demands for combined counter insurgency operations with local gendarmes last week, sparking violent protests in Georgetown, Tanouka, and Ouméré.
Radio report after the latest troop surge

Three years pass and despite the controversy surrounding the "Apex Protocol" revelations, CSAT continues to expand with its influence in neutral countries growing by the day.

Following a shift in the Horizon Islands leadership, CSAT forces have been granted full authority to act as they see fit in light of the latest outbreak of super-strain malaria in the nation's Tanoa province. Xu continues to remain as supreme commander of CSAT's Pacific forces, and will be overseeing the deployment of additional Chinese troops to the country.

Though the deployment is primarily humanitarian in nature and is aimed at treating victims of the outbreak, they will also be assisting government forces in putting a stop to the L'Ensemble movement; a growing band of insurgents seeking to overthrow the current government.

« Xu Haifeng, supreme commander of CSAT forces operating in the Pacific region, issued a statement from La Roche and reminded civilians to avoid any actions that might be interpreted as aggressive.
Xu warns the citizens of the Tanoa province against breaking the law

Speaking publicly to news organisations at a conference, Xu urged the citizens of the province to be mindful of the quarantine zones and to obey CSAT soldiers at checkpoints. Despite his warnings however, many citizens have refused to follow their commands and regrettably, several incidents have already resulted in deaths.

Personality and Appearance

Xu appears as a middle-aged Han Chinese male with a light black handlebar moustache. He dons the standard attire of a CSAT officer, which consists of a black beret and Tropical Hexacam-camouflaged officer fatigues.


  • Like his Mediterranean CSAT counterpart, Xu never physically appears in-game. He can only be briefly heard issuing CSAT's official counter-statement in the final cutscene for Apex Protocol.
    • He also remains to date as the sole Pacific CSAT official that is canonically mentioned and named in ArmA 3.

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