« Come on! You've seen what it's like out there. If we can unite the CDF and NAPA we might have a chance. Alone, both parties will perish, it's clear. Prizrak is the only thing in... in our way.

Yidash is a minor character in ArmA 2's Operation Harvest Red campaign .


A guerilla fighter from the Chernarussian National Party (NAPA), Yidash was mainly based alongside other rebels in the northern areas of South Zagoria.

Operation Harvest Red (2009)

As the civil war between the CDF and Chedaki dragged on, NAPA itself also became involved, bringing numerous, highly enthusiastic fighters like Yidash to the forefront.

Despite appearing on the outside as a unified anti-Chedaki faction however, NAPA faced bitter division within itself. It actually consisted of two main groups; the hardline anti-Russian extremists led by the group's fanatical leader Prizrak, and the moderates who sought co-operation with government forces.

Yidash was initially unaware of this internal division, but over time came to hear and see the brutal methods that Prizrak employed in his "crusade" to drive out Russians; regardless of whether they were simply Chernarussians of Russian descent or not.

This eventually drove him to the side of the moderates, who themselves were secretly planning a highly treasonous move to get rid of Prizrak. As joining forces was the only way both the CDF and NAPA could hope to win against the Chedaki, the moderates saw no other way out of the situation.

Fortunately for Yidash and the other moderates, they are contacted by a CDF intelligence officer named Tomas Marny. Marny informs the group of callsign Razor Team's existence, a USMC Force Recon team that was left behind to provide undercover support for the Chernarussian government.

He tells the moderates of the American unit's willingness to help them with their "problem". The rebels quickly agree to a secret meeting with Razor Team, sending Yidash as their representative.

« Cooper: Yidash?
Yidash: Shh! Wait. Can you see? Are we being watched? Don't look around! Jesus... OK. You really ready to do this?
Cooper: Do what?
Yidash: Jesus you're going to make me say it... Kill Prizrak!
Sgt. Cooper "asks" Yidash reaffirm his commitment

Yidash meets with the Americans at an abandoned house just south of Novy Sobor and after a short conversation, agree to assassinate Prizrak for the moderates. Yidash tells the Marines that Prizrak would be at a small lumber mill just to the west of their current location.

After eliminating Prizrak, Yidash radios the Marines and congratulates them on behalf of the rest of the organisation. Whether it was out of respect for the former leader or simply disgust, the Marines' team leader, Matthew Cooper, cuts the transmission before Yidash can finish.

Personality and Appearance

Yidash wore the standard attire of most NAPA fighters, which consisted of a Flecktarn-camouflaged hoodie and pants, along with a black ski mask that covered all but his eyes to conceal his identity.

Outwardly, Yidash appeared to be like many others within NAPA; an enthusiastic fighter who simply wished to defend his homeland from Russian "settlers". At the same time, he was also someone who saw reason, and did not agree with Prizrak's justification for using torture as a weapon against the Chedaki.

« No one likes the Chedaki, but not all of us want to see them or their Russian settlers tortured. We're not monsters.

But for all his sensibilities, Yidash was somewhat cowardly and lacked conviction, as he harboured more than just a slight doubt in Razor Team's willingness to carry out the assassination plan. Granted, his fears were somewhat justified however, as those who defied Prizrak tended to end up in less-than-desirable circumstances.


  • Yidash will always be executed by Prizrak if the latter is not assassinated by Razor Team in Badlands.

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